Friday, June 13, 2008

How Tarot Cards and Tarot Readings Originated

By: Aftab Bashir

Tarot cards and tarot readings have been believed to have originated way back in the early years of the fifteenth century. The precise date and even the accurate name or names of the individuals concerned for its inception may not be known but it is a well-known fact that tarot is actually an ancient practice.

There are two sets of tarot cards involved in during tarot readings. The first one is no different than any ordinary set of gaming cards. These cards have numerals from one to ten, with knight, king, queen, court, and page.

The other set of cards are special, and they reach up to twenty-two in number. They are identified as the Major Arcana. The Major Arcana cards are identified with emblematic figures and images of various characters, some in human forms and those that are interlinked with nature.

Eventually a form of amusement was derived from these figurative tarot cards, called the Game of Triumphs. This game has various strong similarities with playing bridge. Twenty-one of the unique cards are utilized as stable trumps. These cards have the power and ability to be superior above any other regular card. This type of card game was particularly favored by those from the higher classes in society.

Eventually, these cards known today as tarot cards used in tarot readings began to undergo several alterations. This took place when this card game began to reach several other countries in Europe including Italy in the northern part and France in many regions. As these cards were handed from one country to another, the figures depicted on the cards also began to alter, as well as the power associated in each. Before long, this game of cards was recognized all over the globe, along with the modifications on the characters represented therein.

Individuals who were followers of the magical arts in the European continent started to view the Tarot in a more supernatural manner. The figures represented in the cards were regarded as something denoting a spiritual interpretation that can be used in divinations and foresight. A higher observation on the tarot cards was the precursor for the tarot readings that is very popular in present times. It was the set of figurative representations present in the cards that gave them more character and uniqueness, and has helped readers in personal life and events representation during tarot readings.

Tarot and Personal Intuition

As the figurative elements on the cards have altered over time, this is just a growing evidence of the fact that each artist has possessed various analyses and versions on the development of the tarot cards. One common factor however, is that the essential principles of the Tarot remain unchanged and with this, the cards are still widely employed in disentangling the perplexities of natural things through tarot readings even in the modern times.

In modern tarot cards, there are several decks being presented. It is therefore important to opt for the one that is good for your intuition and one that you feel most positive about. You should be able to achieve a significant connection with the cards so as to generate a good interpretation. This can be done through assessing one’s sentiments, mental aptitude, and the right information acquired. In reading the cards, there is not one specific set that have been known to perform more excellently than the others. What is important in tarot readings is having the set of tarot cards that the reader or physic feels most at ease with, as this will help in assessing the universal forces that are to be interpreted in each specific reading.

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