Monday, June 23, 2008

How to discover your Psychic Purpose

By Umar Ahmed

As human beings we are always inclined to understand. We want to understand who we are, for what purpose we are on earth and what will happen after death. All these questions work as a driven force for a large number of people. With every passing day we evolve, develop and change and questions remain unanswerable.

These unanswerable questions make us helpless to sort out and classify our existence and this helplessness creates anxiety. Our contradictory mental state and anxiety bring about our search for the answer. This anxiety and cognitive dissonance cannot be understood through existing belief systems and it creates a need for a justification of our existence.

Hoping that religion will replace the thoughts of anxiety about uncertain future, some try to fill this emptiness with different religious beliefs. Religion can be stimulating and often act like a drug in this connection.

It is fact that many even organized religions don’t hold the answers to the rational debate on our existence. The reason is that these religions are made up of people like us who themselves had to face questions about their existence. The answer related to the question of our existence is found in us and it doesn’t come from outside or through some mystical guru or sect.

The concept of independent thinking and the word heretic have similar meaning in the organized religious structure. It is quite courageous act to hold fast to personality and explore the real meaning of life. To put down anxiety and set free from the herd of sheep that is taken to the abattoir by the good shepherds, it is nice to see inward instead of upwards.

It can be true life changing experience if we tap into our spiritual natures and gifts. It also allows us to open our mind and utilize its full potential. It is said that we just utilize just ten percent of our brain and the rest of the ninety percent remains unutilized that must have a utilization and use.

So, why don’t we think to talk someone who has known the art of surpassing the limitation of the human condition? It is useless to talk with psychic or spiritualist about the true meaning o life it is somewhat similar to using information from a 2000 year old book to live our current lives and understanding our way and aim in life.

All you need is to talk with an expert psychic to know how you can get maximum information just using the available resources of your mind and spirit to put down the anxiety and right answers about who you are in fact. With the help of these psychics you can find a lot about your true fate and what destiny has for you in store.

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