Thursday, June 26, 2008

How to Find a Psychic Circle Or Psychic Development Group

By Heidi Sawyer

A psychic circle in the traditional sense is a group gathering at a Spiritualist Church for the purpose of developing your psychic senses and ability to communicate with the spirit world. When people are looking for a group they look for a 'psychic circle' as that term has been used for many years. They want a safe environment to experiment with their ability and to learn more.

There are many psychic circles and development groups around. Some of these are easy to locate others are hidden away. When choosing a psychic circle or psychic group it is important to go to one you feel comfortable in.

The best groups are ego-free and have the philosophy everyone is equal. Choose a group where your first impression is a friendly environment with a group leader who is encouraging, but allows you to form your own distinct style. The best group leaders do not profess to know everything and they do not dictate; they simply facilitate your time together to the best advantage of the group as a whole. You should feel each time you have been with your psychic development group, you have had a fun time where you have discovered something more about yourself, how you work and your fledgling psychic ability. If you come home disgruntled, feeling as though you have spent your time experiencing a clash of the titan egos then it is not the group for you.

The best way to find a group is through recommendation. If you have a friend who raves about a psychic circle or group they have joined go to that one. If it suits your friend it is highly likely it will suit you. If you do not have that luxury there are other ways to find a group. Spiritualist churches are a source of information.

Article written by Heidi Sawyer, Director of The Heidi Sawyer Institute of Psychic Development. Heidi is an accomplished author and world-renowned course facilitator on the subject of Psychic Development, her website can be found at

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