Saturday, June 7, 2008

How to Lucid Dream - Dream Recall

By Lucas Magyarics

Learning how to lucid dream is not only fun, but it can greatly improve your life. It puts you in complete control, and this control can be transferred into your waking life. The first and most fundamental step on your path to lucid dreaming is dream recall. If remembering your dreams isn't a regularity in your life there are a number of ways to train yourself, so it will be.

You must be devoted to dreaming at night. What I mean by this is your mind must be in good shape to dream. Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol usually contributes to the loss of your dream memory. You must also not be overly tired before bed. Try to regulate your sleep schedule, so your mind isn't dead by the time you go to bed.

Keep a dream journal! This is a must. Keep it next to your bed so when you wake up you can write down whatever you remember. If you wake up without memory of your dream, just lay in bed with your mind open, trying to remember what you were dreaming about. You need to make a habit of recording it all into a journal though. This will help you recognize themes in your dreams and get a better understanding of your dream world. Before you go to bed have a look at your dream journal to stimulate your subconscious with the memory of your dream life.

Remembering your dreams is the first and most fundamental step in learning how to lucid dream. What would be the fun of lucid dreaming if you couldn't remember what you did? It may take time, but if you keep practicing it will become easier and easier.

Remember, no drugs or alcohol before bed, regulate your sleep schedule, keep a dream journal next to bed, review your dream journal before bed, and most of all be devoted!

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