Saturday, June 7, 2008

How to Talk With Your Angel - Clairaudience (Clear Hearing)

By Catherine Kasper

It probably began when you were six years old. You went to school, were assigned a seat, given your books and told to listen. Through all the years of school, you probably learned more by listening to the teacher talk than through any other avenue.

Of course, as time went on, you learned to gather information in many different ways. However, even as an adult, you might find that you still prefer to sit and listen when you learn something. It's familiar and comfortable to you. You like it.

If you prefer to receive information verbally, you could receive information through clairaudience. (Clear hearing) A clairaudient person will receive information in the form of words that are sensed and understood through the hearing centers of the brain. Some clairaudients receive information by hearing voices or sounds in their minds, but others actually hear a person speaking as though they were right there in the room alongside them.

Real clairaudience can be easily distinguished from the symptoms of mental illness in which people hear voices. In true clairaudience (in regards to hearing Angels) the voice is always gentle; conveying loving information in a positive, healthy, and very helpful manner. It is never scary or threatening. It never tells you to do something stupid or dangerous. No matter what the voice sounds like, you'll feel the Angel's calm loving presence at the same time.

It's not the dark ages any more and people now understand that sanity goes hand in hand with acknowledgment of the Spirit of God who dwells within each of us. The division of people from their own spirits and the Spirit of God can be one of the causes that create mental illness. Other reasons exist, of course, but the problem is always exacerbated when a person's connection with Spirit is weak or made to bend to the dictates of others.

Religion has done much to harm mankind's connection with his/her own inner spirit because religions often try to control what people think, say or do. Religion does not emphasize your direct connection to God or to your Angel, but rather tells you to listen to an authority figure who tells you of someone else from ancient times who did have a direct connection. Your experience of God or of your Angel is thus controlled by hearsay considered to be law because it has been written in a supposedly irrefutable book.

Angels do not control people, they enlighten minds. They present options. They suggest. They show the paths that are open to you and they assist you in achieving whatever it is you choose to do. You always retain your free will. If it is your will and desire to be in contact with your Angel, you will be. If it is not, you will not recognize the signs, voices or words of the Angel.

If this describes you, listen for the words that are whispered into your ear and into your heart. You'll love the sound of your Angel's voice.

Copyright 2008, Catherine M. Kasper

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