Friday, June 13, 2008

Intuitive Magic: The Joy of Flow

Author: Laura Bartolini Mendelsohn

Want more "flow" in your life? Want to have marvelous opportunities automatically present themselves to you? Want to see your dreams become reality without so much as a request or a prayer for help? Want to be led to benevolent outcomes more often? Want to have more joy in your life as you allow your life purpose to unfold?

A friend of mine did not like her job. It required long hours away from home, work during the weekends, standing on her feet and provided only a modest living, which was quickly diminishing in a recession industry.

Her husband was inspired to suggest as a remedy she seek work for a local city government. "Great," she thought, "I know no one in the government. How can I find a job like that? My experience is primarily sales. I don't type or have any office skills." However, she mentioned her idea to a friend. Coincidentally her friend just happened to know for 40 years the Vice Mayer of a local town nearby. He asked for my friend's resume.

My friend quickly went about the task of preparing it with a cover letter. She asked another dear friend for help. This friend coincidentally happened to have researched everything about this particular town for an unrelated project. It turned out this town was building a huge entertainment complex including an upscale Hard Rock Café, a Seminole Indian Casino and many other commercial projects. This was a well-funded project planned to continue for at least 10 years.

It became evident that working for a local government made more sense than originally thought possible.

This is an example of "flow." Flow is the process of allowing your good to come to you after you have asked for help. It is not a passive state of waiting for something to happen, but rather an active state of co-creation with the heavenly powers that be. It is the give and take between wanting something and allowing something to happen.

When things seem to fall into place in this intuitive way your life is in "flow." Flow is associated your life purpose. In order to discover your life purpose you have to allow yourself to be led. You have to allow life to flow through you, and allow the doors to open that will. You have to "go with the flow."

Opening intuitively is an ongoing exercise, not easily learned by some, completely natural to others. For those that would like more intuition in their lives try this.

1. Relax. Take time to relax every day and give into a little daydreaming. Perhaps you can get to sit or walk in nature. Being soothed and calmed is integral to the intuitive process. The key to relaxing is that you make it feel as good as possible. Try to do it without the TV, a book or the media. As much fun as these activities are, they tend to fill you up. Intuitive development relaxing allows nature and spirit to flow through you in moments of reflection and just being.

2. Create. Creativity and intuition are integrally linked. The more you allow yourself to creatively flow in a task the more your window to the divine opens and the greater your ability to channel the mystical energies of life through yourself. If you have not tried taking up a creative hobby start now. All forms of creativity including, but not limited to, art, dance, music, crafts, marketing and even sports offer benefits far more than simply the product of the act itself.

3. Love your moments and love yourself in those moments. Learning how to accept each moment in your life as meant to be, as laden with overt and hidden gifts, provides for you the launching pad to expansion. Simply put, going with the flow, allows the flow to come to you. When you are battling everything in every moment, the river of your life and your purpose gets jammed with huge logs and boulders. Love your life and yourself. This one step alone will bring miracles before you.

Creating a life you love is easy so long as you learn how to let go and flow. Remember to ask for what you want and then take inspired action. Be alert and wait for signals. Soon you will be on your way to a new life paradigm. One in which you create with the partner called "Universal Flow."

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