Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Journey Into the World of Amerindian Spirituality

by Aaron Mitchell

If you like books by Daniel Quinn, Brooke Medicine Eagle, Neal Donald Walsch, Tom Brown Jr., Carlos Castaneda, or Dan Millman you'll love this book. Not because it is the same but because it reaches beyond any barriers that may have existed before.
As we go through life we build up walls creating limitations to our ideas about our world and ourselves. Sometimes we need a book to blow through those walls and open our eyes to what we would've previously considered impossible or unthinkable.

What first began as a small assignment of discovering a piece of my heritage turned out to be a life long journey of becoming a shaman, seer, healer, sage... After just one year of learning, I already knew that I was supposed to share what I've been learning through a story.

Coming from a conservative religious family; my ideas about God, religion, spirituality, life, the meaning of life, the purpose of life, what was considered possible, family, relationships, etc...was completely blown out of the water. My life was turned upside down because of the limitations I'd placed in my world.

The idea alone that 'there is no time or place' is something that is still staggering to me to this day. Scientists have only recently discovered that this concept is accurate. And they are still discovering its magnitude. The Native Americans along with many other indigenous cultures that live or rather have lived the old way of life have known this concept for as long as they can remember. I think that the more scientists keep discovering these things, the more they will realize that these ancient societies were well ahead of them by leaps and bounds.

I've always been told by my many teachers that what I learn is not mine to keep or own. These lessons are for all human beings of all races; the human race. I've written this book as a gift that I'm giving back.

I strongly believe that our planet does NOT need saving. Mother Earth and the life that lives on her back has been getting along just fine for a long time. It is only recently that humans have decided to experiment with a new way of living. This new way of living is not right or wrong. It is the sickness and imbalance in the human spirit that needs healing. It is the human being that is endangered species.

The book Death of an Ordinary Life is my attempt to help people heal their spirit and save the true endangered species of this planet.

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