Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Katherine Heigl's Astrology - Numerology Combination - Sagittarius Electric Educator

By Keith Abbott

As Emmy winning Dr. Izzie Stevens on the hit TV show 'Greys Anatomy', and with starring roles in the comedy hits: 'Knocked Up' and '27 Dresses', Katherine Heigl has really come in to her own. From here early modeling and commercial career, she has come a long way. Most of us only know her from her comic characters, an don't have a clue about the young woman underneath. Read on and find out what her Astrology Numerology combination says about this rising comic star.

Astronumerology - Life Path and Horoscope Combined

Astronumerology is a great way to learn about someone's general personality traits if you haven't met them. The art involves using their birth date to find their Astrology sun sign and their numerology Life Path number value; and then looking up the combination to find their personality. There are (108) different combinations of these two values, and each produces a slightly different personality profile. Note that the Life Path number if found by summing all of the digits of a persons full Gregorian date of birth, including the century, and then reducing the sum to a single digit using fadic addition. As for Katherine Heigl' combination, her birth date of November 24th, 1978 gives us a combination of Sagittarius with a Life Path (6).

Sagittarius (6) - The Electric Educator

People with this combination are born zealots; they are fanatical about their belief systems and their patriotism. These souls are not moderate in anything political, they will be in the camp of either the extreme liberals, or the ultra conservatives; never in-between. Sagittarius Sixes have a powerful sense of duty, honor, and ethics; and individual rights and liberties are dear to even the most conservative of them. Their zeal makes them relatively easy to be mis-guided if a clever and charismatic leader gets hold of them.

Sagittarius Sixes lead by example, and when take up a job their stamina and willpower is unquestioned. They hate toadies and hypocrites, and will always reveal them if they can. They have little skill at deception, and are unable to hide their true emotions. In fact they never try to hide anything about themselves, and have trouble even with small social lies. They view the world as their home, and everyone in it a part of their extended family. They will act as big brother or sister to everyone they meet. Though they are good at self discipline, they are poor at disciplining others; they just like them too much to come down on them.


Katherine Heigl's Astronomy Numerology combination offers us some insight on how she performs as an actress. Her strong work ethic and stamina help her turn in strong performances. And her warm and caring personality comes through in the roles she plays. However, her lack of skills at deception tell us that she needs to believe in the characters she plays to give a good performance. She will always be best at roles where she can play herself, rather than characters who don't share her take on the world.

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