Saturday, June 28, 2008

LEO Monthly Horoscope July 2008

By Rohan Joshi

Money-Career Horoscope

The beginning of the month will be slightly indifferent and dull. You'll try to work with extra focus but due to lack of enthusiasm you may miss opportunities for growth.

But there will be improvement after 12th July and your relations with associates will get better and social contacts will start being favorable to you and that will help you to get success and appreciation in the last decade of the month.

You need to be concentrate more on the financial area in this month. There will be financial crisis due to unexpected expenses and you will have to fight with determination to get benefit from your work.

Love Horoscope

The first part of month looks stressful for relationship and the Mars-Saturn conjunction can lead you to conflicts and confrontation. The subject of disputes can be money or other morale issues. You might need more attention and appreciation or maybe your partner doesn't consider appreciated.

Condition may improve in the second part of the month due to Venus' entry in Leo. You'll flourish, shine and seduce. Opportunities for fresh relationship will come to you and you'll hold it whole-heartedly.

Health Horoscope

In the first two decades of the month your energy levels will need constant watch.

You need to be careful specifically about old health issues. If you have had a problem particularly heart or breathing ailments in past it may resurface in this month. An old pain or joint problem may bother this time around. Extra care of health may require if you have blood pressure, sugar problems.

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