Saturday, June 28, 2008

Libra Monthly Horoscope July 2008

By Rohan Joshi

Money -Career Horoscope

During this month the Sun, Venus and Mercury in the house of profession will give you well-ingrained commercial instincts. You will be practical discriminative and critical. You will work very methodically. Your action-oriented approach will pay you in a big way and gain authority and admiration.

But success will not come easily and you may have challenges in your way and your enemies might try to tarnish your image. Be careful, remain composed and try to improve on your work practices.

There can be delays in your regular income and gain may be below your expectations and that might give rise to dissatisfaction. You'll have to concentrate more on side income.

Love Horoscope

Month of July doesn't seem favorable for your relationship. Saturn-Mars conjunction may create tough conditions. There will be obstacles and disillusions. Your partner may try to extend support but due to various other reasons unable to do so.

Tough time for your partner may eventually affect your relationship particularly in the first part of the month. There will be some pleasant moments in the later part though.

Health Horoscope

Mars-Saturn conjunction will be in the twelfth house so there will be some hidden dangers to your health. If you have any addictions it may cause problems during this month and that can lead you to hospitalization. So be careful here.

For this period and here onward 'try to avoid addictions or try not to overdo anything' and give addictions such as smoking and drinking.

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