Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Making The Most Of Your Numerological Life Path - Part 1

By Dennis Francis

Life Path 1 - The path of conquerors, individuals and eccentrics.

Character Traits

Much potential for financial gain and accomplishments. Strong personal desires and needs. Self centered, but capable of hiding it from others though aware of it. The number one will spend time and money to satisfy material needs. Possesses great inner strength can overcome any weakness in self. Has administrative and executive abilities and skills. Very good leadership capabilities.

It corresponds to the itinerary of those who are made for action and whose most important accomplishments are individual and original. In your life, it will be necessary for you to have courage, confidence in yourself, authority, a mind for independence or undertakings and a lot of determination.

You will regularly be confronted with situations or obstacles that give you the opportunity to use and master this type of power; the aim being to learn to reach success counting essentially on yourself. It is a destiny generally quite lucky.

It incites worthiness, merit, conquering, innovating but also the acceptance of the consequences of your own decisions. With this Life Path you generally advance quickly and it is better no to try to force things too often because you may lose your pace or rhythm.

A life rich in new developments during which you will be brought to develop self-assertion, certain boldness and sometimes pride or a rebellious spirit. Perhaps it will help you to motivate others and draw them into your ways. You must take your destiny in hand, open the track and persevere.

Famous people with a Life Path 1 :

Yves Saint-Laurent, Alain Prost, Sean Connery, Tom Cruise, Walt Disney, Charlie Chaplin, Henri Ford, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Napoleon Bonaparte.

The Lessons to be learned.

The life path one must learn to give up dependencies whether it is people or substances. As soon as the one can accept his or her own inner strength and leadership abilities the sooner many things will begin to be accomplished and goals attained.

Being independent will allow the one to make good use of inborn talents and leadership abilities, which others will sense and respond to by opening doors to opportunities. This will allow the life path 1 to reach the goals he/she sets.

The Negative Forces

Some 1s who lack a sense of balance can have trouble changing from dependent to independent and must work on achieving that balance in order for the soul to progress.

Life path one can also be egotistical and overbearing to a point of discounting all ideas unless they are his own. This is a very big fault and the one should monitor and control this in order to progress successfully through this incarnation.

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