Thursday, June 5, 2008

Making The Most Of Your Numerological Life Path - Part 2

By Dennis Francis

Life Path 2 - The path of intuitive people, visionaries and self-taught persons.

It symbolizes a life of inspiration. This itinerary favors success, ambitious and original accomplishments. It can put you on a social, cultural, political or religious route, or into the role of a leader. More modestly, this path can be link with the ability to teach, an attraction for communication or persuasion.

You will be confronted by events that will encourage listening, psychology, intuition and some of your inner richness. However, it is necessary not to search for material success by egoism or pride; this would only bring difficulties.

The number 2 vibration is synonymous with inspiration, panache, knowledge, intelligence but also psychological ascendancy and creativity. These qualities must motivate you. If you are capable of altruism and good sense, this path can only be positive.

It will be necessary for you to develop well your ability for inspiration, inner listening (but without making hasty conclusions) and to cultivate a strong personality, capable of patience as well as rapid decision-making.

This balance will be indispensable for you and faced with others in order not to fall into the classical excess of this path: superiority complex, desire to dominate, intolerance, incoherence and disinterest in domestic obligations. Use the great energy of this vibration to advance in the right direction, to take on big responsibilities, to share your thoughts, knowledge and intuitions with others. Magnetism and sense of contact will be your assets on this route.

Famous people with a Life Path 2:

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Coco Chanel, Benito Mussolini (here lived on the negative way).

Lessons to be learned, positive/negative characteristics about a life path 2 in Numerology.

Can be a good friend, naturally expresses love and friendship, sensitive to the feelings of others shows much consideration to others. Denies selfs material needs for others

The Lessons

A life path 2 must learn to cultivate his/her talents to contribute to a group relationship even though he/she may not receive adequate acknowledgment and thanks.

While having many good ideas the 2 should learn to pass them on and let others spread them, thus stepping out of the spotlight. The life path 2 should learn that the use of quiet persuasion is more effective than the use of trying to force ideas on others or the group in general.

The need here is to develop his/her sensitivities and group skills while learning to work effectively with others. The Negative Forces Within

Refusing to accept the part of subordinate and insisting on a leadership role will only result in confusion and ineffective guidance to the group as a whole. Thereby; a denial of soul growth through experience.

Control and balance of the life path 2's sensitivity is the key to soul growth and development.

Dennis Morales Francis is a consultant and coach for business professionals and wellness practitioners. Dennis is the author of "Double My Revenues In 12 Months or Less" and the upcoming book "Your Cash Attraction Factor". Go to to learn how to get your books published. For a free numerology book by Steven Harlan Smith, and free personal numerology reading, go to

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