Saturday, June 7, 2008

Making The Most Of Your Numerological Life Path - Part 3

By Dennis Francis

Life Path 3 - The path of creative, happy and rather extrovert persons.

Delightful conservationist, social, can put others at ease. Good speaker or writer, has talent with words with a vivid imagination

By your date of birth, you have chosen to know the route of the experience of the joy to live, the blooming of your faculties of expression and personal creativity. The most outstanding events for you will concern creations, art, verbal or written communication, sales, the media, the people you meet, friendships, beauty, leisure activities, sport and generally the social and love life.

On this number 3 path, the human being has been called to express her freshness, creativity, interior riches, capacity to communicate, but if possible without diverting from authenticity or overstepping the mark. It is highly advisable not to take too seriously the hypocritical games or roles linked to social events. Keep your good sense, your naturalness.

A destiny generally under the sign of luck, intelligence, contacts and sometimes talent. This itinerary offers you the opportunity to succeed quickly and even brilliantly if you avoid spreading yourself too thinly and giving in to the easy route.

Above all, it is essential not to imagine that your life is a comfortable organized voyage, requiring no special effort on your part. You could well be confronted with difficulties testing your spontaneity, your creativity and your capacity to express yourself or to create a good mood. If you win this battle, your life will be original, illuminating and agreeable.

Famous people with a Life Path 3 :

Yannick Noah, Victor Hugo, actor Richard Dean Anderson , John Wayne, Madonna, David Bowie, Enrico Caruso and Maria Callas (the most famous opera singer), Alfred Hitchcock (his inclination for thriller in his creativity came from his Day of Birth vibration, 13).

The Lessons

The lesson for the life path 3 is an easy one since it involves the joy experienced in expressing oneself with warmth and honesty toward others. The 3 should cultivate and use the artistic talents and imagination in the fields of painting, writing, acting, etc. The highest level of attainment in this lesson is to be able to creatively express self in a way that will allow him/her to enjoy and appreciate the beauty that can be found in this world. People will be delighted when the 3 is expressing the joy of living up to his/her potential.

The Negative Forces Within

The 3 will have to learn to deal with problems with ease which he/she is capable of doing by tapping into the joy inherit within. Maturing later than most, the moody critical side of the life path 3 may be difficult to overcome. The 3 is on a lighter learning path than others. If a 3 has a hard time tapping into his/her own capabilities and talents he/she may retreat into their own little world, avoiding social contacts and begin responding to people in a critical and demeaning manner.

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