Friday, June 13, 2008

Making The Most Of Your Numerological Life Path - Part 6

The path of responsibilities, conciliation, helpfulness and often of the aesthetics.
Prepare yourself for a vast program of responsibilities in all areas. A strong destiny for your free will with a lot of choices to make, if possible in a positive and ambitious way rather than with hesitation or discord. A destiny which can correspond to a rapid ascension towards an important position (with numerous responsibilities) in the social, financial, political or media areas. More commonly a principal family role.

The master of the house (host/ hostess) who harmonies, decides and reconciles. A flexible path of interpersonal harmonization where it will be necessary to chose well your principal orientations of life and relational environment. The others important points of reference for this path will be the taste for beautiful things, love and a sense of helpfulness.

You will live situations where marriage, the family and listening will play a big role. You will be brought to judge, to balance and to help. The number 6 path can also symbolize responsibilities seen as burdens or trials, an excessive perfectionism, a tendency to interfere in other peoples affairs.

The lesson being to assume responsibility but not to overload yourself with them. Don't be too demanding with others, prove that you are harmonious enough to live a positive number 6 path.

Famous people with a Life Path 6 :
Albert Einstein, Agatha Christie, Laura Ashley, Nina Ricci, Albert Schweitzer (famous doctor in Africa), Charles De Gaulle, Björn Borg.

The Lesson
Learning the pleasure of accepting and managing responsibility is the major lesson of the life path 6.
Other people including strangers, family and friends, turn to the six for help and answers to their problems which the 6 can handle quite well. At times the 6 will feel he/she has more than his/her fair share of responsibilities but learning this lesson of giving of the resources of self means the 6 must accept and deal with it in a cheerful manner, being careful that no one takes undue advantage of his good nature.

The Negative Forces Within
When the life path 6 becomes tired of the burdens placed on him/her then the 6 will have to decide just how many responsibilities he/she is willing to accept. Recognizing those who come to him/her out of genuine need and helplessness versus those who use the 6 from force of habit or for personal gain is when the weeding out process begins. Just be careful you do not throw the baby out with the bath water.

A major part of this lesson is judging whom he/she will be responsible for and when this responsibility is to be expressed in action.
Here is the lesson you have to learn in this lifetime, your inner character traits and the forces that guide you along the path.

Hard to get to know-but mostly unaware of this, reserved and self-centered, depends mainly on self.

Does not adapt well to the ways of others, on a different wavelength than those around him/her, does things his/her own way.

By: Dennis Francis

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