Monday, June 16, 2008

Making The Most Of Your Numerological Life Path - Part 4

By Dennis Francis

Life Path 4 The path of reliable and persistent working people.

You have come to this life to experiment with the concepts of security, stability and success through work and merit. You will be brought to prove discipline, method and regularity all the way along this route. A life of construction and seriousness as well as that, which concerns your dwelling, your profession and yourself.

You will be regularly confronted with situations calling on stability and solid aptitudes, which push you to develop these powers. A relatively slow progression where only perseverance and merit will be rewarded. It is probable that your life will be regular, sometimes a bit routine or dull. An existence marked with projects to make real and stable.

The lesson of this life program is to learn to carry out your work with regularity and to assume responsibility but without closing yourself to the rest of the world. In a word, to become a solid value. However, it will be more necessary to count on your force of personal achievement than on a possible easy success, by some donation or other.

Famous people with a Life Path 4 :

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Clint Eastwood.

The Lessons

The lesson for the life path 4 is quite simple. He/She must learn the advantage gained for self through system and order toward the accomplishing of his/her goals.

Learning to accept limitations, he/she must also learn there are many rewards by rendering service to others in spite of the hardship (limitations) it may cause in any area of the life of a life path 4.

Being aware of the many limitations in life, inner self, the environment and of his or her on endurance and physical strength, often feeling they limit self more than anyone else and learning to live in peace and harmony with the limitations will eventually allow the life path four to accomplish his/her life path lesson. That is the path to gaining the victory for soul growth.

The Negative Forces

The life path 4 must guard against letting feelings of inadequacies and limitations get the upper hand. A stubborn and rigid manner may be causing the 4 some personal problems but he/she will not acknowledge this fact to self or others.

Only when the 4 focuses on the positive inherent in limitations will he/she follow the path to completion of a lesson well learned.

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