Friday, June 13, 2008

Manifestation Explained

By Kathy Baxter

Back in the dark ages, when I was thirty, I finally got around to taking calculus. For a brief and loony moment I thought I might try to get an seemed logical at the time. Now I can see that this calculus course was another of the bricks in my own personal yellow brick road to the transpersonal. As I was plunging into derivatives and solving all those equations, I GOT in a big way, in one of those great Aha! moments. You can describe anything - absolutely anything - with math. A painting, music, an emotion, an idea - anything. It took my breath away. I was lost in the Zen of a calculus moment. As I look back, that moment changed my perceptions forever. So here I am today, trying to get my head around sacred geometry. I have this burning desire to bring the whole concept of sacred geometry down to earth so that some of us mortals can understand what it is and why we would care anyway. Thirty years later (my guides have assured me that I am not the slowest soul in creation) I'm having another Aha! It just ain't that complicated, kids! Yes, you can get twisted into the mathematics of the golden ratio and the platonic solids, and how they interact with the energetic grid, and how your thoughts are projected into that grid and begin the process of manifestation by organizing into simple geometric shapes that then spin into motion in the fourth dimension before the "voila!" moment where they take on substance in a 3-D world.

You can also take your TV apart and try to find the little tiny pictures inside. Here is what the everyday user of Sacred Geometry needs to know: all creation is based on ridiculously simple geometry. Our thoughts energize atoms into vibration. They collect in predictable ways around the energetic grid (you can call this the collective consciousness if you want). These particles form into clusters arranged in predictable geometries, patterns and progressions. When they have gathered sufficient mass, you have - stuff. Yup. A manifestation. Since this manifestation is "creation", a rather god-like concept, we call it sacred. And it is, although we are all going to have to get more comfortable thinking of ourselves as gods. You can do this with or without an intellectual or intuitive understanding of Sacred Geometry just like you can watch TV without all the technical details.

Knowing a little bit about the Sacred Geometry of human consciousness can help some other things snap into focus. Again, sacred geometry is the physical shape our thoughts take as they become things. It is us being co-creators of the universe. The human consciousness is expressed geometrically as a dodecahedron. OK. Lay terms. Twelve-sided soccer

Each face of this ball is a pentagon - one of a very few shapes that have equal sides and equal angles at every corner. (this is a significant fact but fits in the category of little pictures in the TV, if you know what I mean.) If you occupy a place on the surface of this ball, you are aware of those things on your plane of the ball, but you can't see or experience anything on any of the other eleven surfaces. That's too bad, because all twelve of these surfaces combine to make up your consciousness. You know how they say we only use a fraction of our brain cells? Well, we are only aware of a twelfth of our human consciousness! That's life in 3-D.

Now let's add evolution into this discussion. As the frequency of earth's vibration increases, so does the frequency of our own human vibration. We are in an evolutionary place where we are opening up to hold vastly increased amounts of light. How? Well, for one thing, our little 12-sided ball is changing. In the old 3-D world, each of those faces is a plane - flat as a pancake. But we aren't going to hang around in the third dimension much longer. Many are already well into, and some are through the 4th dimension. Here is how that looks different:

Lest you get too intimidated to read on, know that you don't need to understand any of this to do it! If you are a lightworker on the path, you are increasing your physical ability to hold light, and your dodecahedron has already become stellated! You are already a pointy soccer ball.

What can you get in 4-D that you didn't get in 3-D? Well for one thing, in 4-D you can "see" from all faces of your human consciousness - not just from one. Your telepathic or clairvoyant abilities develop, and the desire to follow Spirit becomes more and more irresistible. As you learn to navigate in this emotional body (as distinguished from the physical body) you begin to have more lucid dreams, more déjà vu experiences. You move from the conventional base of knowledge into a heart based knowing. You will be drawing from the knowledge in all twelve of the dimensions of your consciousness.

(This seems a little bit like being able to go back to high school, knowing what we know now. Ah the delightful possibilities!)

That's all well and good. How do we increase the likelihood that we will actually get to the fourth dimension? If you aren't tuned into meditating on sacred geometry, you can try an exercise that Lightworker introduced a few years ago that works with this geometry in a more approachable way. The Group began teaching Lightworkers how to interact with the orthagonal matrix. That process required picturing life energy as being drawn down into the body through a series of three right angle turns. Successfully navigating the orthagognal matrix yields a trip into multidimensional consciousness. Here is how you do it:

At each turn, take three deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth.

Begin by drawing the golden light of Universal energy in through the crown charka to the count of three (three deep breaths) Bring the light down the spinal column to the hips. Turn the light at a right angle and send it out to the edge of your hips. (three breaths) Finally, send the light at a right angle turn down to the earth (three more deep breaths).

Expressed as geometry, the first "right angle turn takes the energy from the universe and brings it into the one dimensional pentagon on the flat page. The second turn interacts with the pentagon on the flat page and turns it into the 3-D soccer ball. The third right angle turn pulls the five sides up and out of each face of the soccer ball into a 4-D reality. Now when you put that whole shootin' match into motion, spinning in space, you have the vibration of creation. Then look out, because your world is about to change. You may not notice you have entered a multidimensional reality right away, but over time - hours, weeks, months, you will begin to shift your perceptions and allow more light, more energy, and more experience into your consciousness. And that, friends, is how you begin to manifest consciously!

by Kathy Baxter

Kathy Baxter is an Ordained OverLight Metaphysician and Spiritual Counselor in Seattle, Washington. She has worked for thirty years in human rights, human potential and spiritual development. To read more about Kathy Baxter go to - or check out her blog at

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