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The Meaning Of The Most Popular Occult Symbols

Author: Rose Ariadne

The most popular of occult symbols is the Endless knot. Although many versions of endless knot exist, the most popular one is the pentagram. This five pointed star was used by almost all the ancient cultures including China, Greece, Europe, Latin America, India as well as Egypt. References to this occult symbol has been found in the Neolithic cave walls, Babylonian paintings and in even in Scriptures.

According to the Greek philosopher Pythagoras, five was the number of man and each of the five points of the pentagram represents the five elements water, earth, spirit, fire and air. The top corner represents the crown of the human head and the remaining four points represent the tips of the limbs. In the Kabbalistic tradition, the pentagram is also believed to represent justice, mercy, wisdom, understanding and awe-inspiring beauty.

The pentagram is considered so powerful that it is used in magickal purposes to forge a connection to the creative universal energies. It is also used in magickal tools, rituals and sacred jewelry.

The Circle is a symbol for the cycle of eternal life. In its simplest form, it is the universal symbol of Unity, infinity, the Moon or Goddess. To pagans, it represents Mother Earth of the feminine spirit of the Cosmos. The circle with a dot represents the male energy merging with female spirits. A quartered circle symbolizes the four directional spirits of the East, South, West and North. In Native American traditions, it is used in the form of a medicine wheel during ceremonies. Everyday uses of the circle include the wedding ring, the sacred circle cast in rituals and the number zero.

Eye of Horus is another symbol that has been used for centuries. Horus was the Egyptian falcon God and the Eye of Horus resembles the falcon%u2019s eye. It is also said to represent the Sun god Ra. This occult symbol is believed to ward off evil energies and is also connected to mathematical proportions of medical preparations. This symbol may be seen in many buildings, in crowns used by royalty as well as in protective amulets and other jewelry. The Masonic Eye found on American dollar bill, is descended from the Eye of Horus.

The Tao is an ancient Chinese symbol that has become very popular. It usually consists of two interlocked symbols, one white and the other black. Tao is also a Chinese character which represents a path or way. In its manifested state, Tao symbolizes yin and yang, the aspects of life, sometimes believed to be the female energy and the male energy.

The Swastika is an ancient occult symbol which combines the Sun and the four directions of the Earth. This ancient occult symbol of the cross inscribed in a circle (see Circle above) also signifies the joining of heaven and earth or the perfect being that we all are. Another version of the Swastika with four labyrinths denotes mystical, lunar or female energies. Although the loathsome Nazis abused this symbol, it continues to be used in many cultures to celebrate the fact that we are all perfect human beings.

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