Friday, June 13, 2008

Meditation and Non-Thought

By Bruce R. King

The first time I was asked to meditate was about 20 years ago by my psychologist. He told me to recite a mantra "she-rem". The objective being that if I was repeating a mantra over and over my brain wouldn't be worrying about other things that might stress me out. I tried this technique off and on through the years without many results, or at least the results I wanted. I would lay in bed at night and repeat the mantra "she-rem, she-rem" over and over again until I fell asleep or I got distracted by other thoughts. I eventually dropped this practice and didn't hear about the benefits of meditation for another 10 years.

The next time I heard about meditation was in context of helping cancer patients. I was told that the cancer patients that had been meditating did better than the ones who did not. Since I didn't have cancer I didn't really see the benefit for me. Perhaps I could have better health if I meditated, but my health was and is pretty good so I didn't really have a good reason to meditate, I thought.

Then I found an organization called Higher Balance Institute (HBI). They encouraged meditation in a different way for a different reason. They taught me a unique and powerful way to meditate that would help lead me to what is known as non-thought. It was later explained to me that it is not really no thought so much as thinking in a different way with a different consciousness. I put two and two together and realized that non-thought through meditation was a way of accessing my higher consciousness. If I could access my higher consciousness then I could possibly have peace and enlightenment.

This is what I found. Using the unique and powerful meditation technique along with many other practices I learned from HBI I am beginning to understand the difference between my organic brain thoughts and "thoughts" from my higher or multidimensional consciousness.

There are some other benefits to meditation that I should also mention besides non-thought. You can actually store an invisible energy known as prana when you meditate. This energy can be used to help you do supernatural things, like manifesting desires, etc. Since I have been using the meditation and other practices I have been able to manifest much more quickly and easily.

Oh yeah, another side benefit of quieting the brain through meditation is you can hear God/Universe/Force a lot better.

That may be the best benefit to meditation and the reason why I find myself at much more peace now. The closer we get to God/Universe/Force the less concerned I am with the worries of this dimension, and the more able I am to build a soul for myself.

Building a soul, gaining access to your multidimensional consciousness, being able to do supernatural things sounds appealing doesn't it? How do you know that I am not just pulling your leg about all this though? I mean, there is a lot of baloney on the internet. I would say the best way to find out if something works or not is to try it out for yourself. That's what I did. I took a chance and instead of watching a 30 minute TV show at night I sat down and meditated.

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