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Moon Phases And Vacations

By Laraine Mesavage

Prepare for your vacation with the help of the moon phases to ensure that you will make the most of your hard-earned time off. If your plans were made far in advance due to reservations and schedules, the moon phases can still contribute valuable insights and even help you to sidestep unexpected situations that could mar the enjoyment of your vacation.

A vacation that occurs during the week of the New Moon should include sight-seeing and all stimulating events that teach you something new. Spontaneous side trips are welcome as well as meeting new people. If you are returning to a familiar destination, then try a new restaurant, hike to a new waterfall, read a new book, or learn a new sport.

Even though you are out of the office, let the change of scenery stimulate new ideas about your work in the background of your mind. Stepping away from the work environment allows for a fresh perspective. A visit to a new place and talking to new people may also spark thoughts about what you want to do for other areas of your life, such as relationship issues, personal emotions, and spiritual growth. The week after the New Moon favors learning a new skill or taking a self-help class.

The actual day of the New Moon is traditionally known as a good day for spa treatments and detoxification. The rest of New Moon week is better suited for building up the body and letting go of addictions.

There are a few cautions for New Moon week. Watch for hasty actions that could put you into an uncomfortable or dangerous position. New situations spark a strong emotional response for some people and too much stimulation can be exhausting. Eagerness for new adventures can inflame old emotional issues causing an internal struggle or rebellion that could manifest in an unpleasant outburst. Use common sense and a good dose of realism in your perspective so as not to romanticize the people that you meet to the point of irrational fantasy. Keep it real; include rest time.

It may be challenging to break away from a busy workplace when you choose a vacation during First Quarter week. Be aware that the action phase of the waxing moon builds tension all through the week. That said, the best course is to have a mental attitude that allows for last minute changes. The arts are favored with dance, music and painting, as well as any creative pursuit. Pursue what moves you the most.

The search for new adventures was last week during the New Moon. During First Quarter week choose situations that you know well, whether it is a favorite sport like fishing or simply visiting with family and friends. Focus on a known venue and develop it further. Learn how to tie a new fly for fishing or practice a new watercolor painting technique. Save new experiences for another time. The urge now is to express the creative urge fully without restrictions.

Another area to consider for a successful First Quarter week is the type of vacation that gives you a sense of meaningful contribution to benefit other people. For instance, spend the week on a working cooperative farm, volunteer for an environmental project, participate in an archeological dig, or serve your favorite organization. This week is an excellent time to be useful while earning a new perspective.

Build in plenty of time for last minute changes during the First Quarter moon week. Well-planned itineraries are bound to require adjustments and challenges to your original intentions should be expected. Tempers can flare due to differing personal agendas; people have internal issues to face. Watch for power struggles and those who want to manipulate your carefully planned schedule to their own purposes. Take advantage of this time away from work to think about what you want to change in your life when you get back to a regular schedule.

This week of the waxing moon favors building up the strength of the body with healthy food and releasing unwanted habits. Careful, it is also a time to gain weight! Choose spa treatments that absorb health rejuvenating oils and build vigor in the body.

Any vacation will be enhanced under the light of a Full Moon. It is a time traditionally known for peak experiences as the tension of the Full Moon reaches the maximum. Parties and all festive occasions have been scheduled on a Full Moon for countless millennia, and for good reason. The Full Moon is all about completions when a celebration is performed with the ancient art of ritual. Group events provide powerful emotional responses. For best results, be prepared to participate fully in the event. Start planning mentally and physically for it two weeks before at the New Moon.

There is a catch, of course. Full Moon experiences run the full range of options from positive to negative and totally uneventful in between. Sensitive natures can erupt with dramatic flare at this time. Disappointments are a real possibility. Not every Full Moon experience is filled with excitement and drama, but even the most timid among us can act unpredictably especially when away from familiar surroundings on a vacation. Be alert for Full Moon antics along with the potential that you may have the best time of your life.

A sense of clarity can be reached at the Full Moon phase as recent events are understood. Positive personal insights combined with time away from a frantic schedule make for a most enjoyable time.

The Full Moon favors a spa retreat after absorbing a lot of nutrients during the preview two weeks. This prepares you for the detoxifying time of the waning moon.

Watch for the lingering effects of tension for two days after the Full Moon. Some people will have a Full Moon hangover and need extra relaxation time. Put your vacation skills to good use with plans that allow for plenty of free hours in a comfortable setting of your choice. Spending time in nature is an excellent way to re-charge after the excitement of a Full Moon. The extra time leaves room for sorting out mental and emotional issues that may have come up recently. Seek out old friends and trusted family members. This is a time for sharing experiences and what you have learned recently. If travel is stressful for you, delay the new adventure for another time and consider a vacation at home.

When you have already scheduled sight-seeing trips during the week after the Full Moon, allow for plenty of rest time in between excursions. Have long conversations about how you feel and what the new places represent to you.

Rejuvenation treatments are more successful after the Full Moon to detoxify the body after the absorption time of the waxing moon. Choose a sport or activity that lets you sweat and lose weight. Check with your health practitioner or doctor for all medical issues.

Leaving the office during Last Quarter week can be even more challenging than during the First Quarter moon. There is a chance that issues at the office have become so complicated that you can hardly bring yourself break away from it. That is only a possibility with the moon phase, depending on how well you planned ahead and current circumstances. I have had the best vacation of my life during Last Quarter, and also one of the worst.

Start out a Last Quarter week vacation with plenty of rest and unscheduled time. The cycle has already reached its conclusion for the moment. A free schedule filled with simple, relaxing activities is just the ticket. Settle in to a new place and keep travel to a minimum. Enjoy the pool and familiar faces instead. Practice sports and hobbies you know well or read a good book. This is your time to be off.

Towards the end of Last Quarter week, venture out for sight-seeing and stimulating diversions. Schedule a workshop to expand your mind and provide new ideas.

Cleansing the body and treating yourself to a spa are good plans for the Last Quarter week of the waning moon. Choose activities that promote sweating, as long as you have the appropriate medical advice for your personal health issues.

Plan ahead when you can for the possibilities that will be present during each moon phase. Apply insights from the moon cycle to existing itineraries and you may discover the vacation that you will always remember.

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