Thursday, June 26, 2008

Numerology Forecast July 2008

By Laraine Turner

Numerologically July 2008 is an 8 month.

8's in Numerology refer to money, power & karma.

On a worldwide scale, I believe that a lot of karma shall be seen to be collected from the Western nations by the continuing Credit crunch.

As Economists, let alone Numerologists will point out you cannot forever borrow money without there being a point when you have to pay it back or suffer the consequences.

I write this from the UK where each day the News is full of doom & gloom about the latest thing that's gone up. Fuel, food, Gas, Electric, Air Flights, Inflation, and Interest Rates- you name it & they're going up.

It is becoming harder and harder for people to make ends meet.

True; that doesn't make for pleasant reading or paint a rosy future, but people and governments are being forced to be more responsible and live within their means. Surely, that's got to be good for the whole planet.

Along with this Economic gloom, I see people making things last longer. Re-cycling is increasing; people are growing their own food again. People are car sharing when commuting to & from work.

People are taking in lodgers & renting out their homes to strangers in order to earn more money.

Next thing you know we'll actually start talking to our neighbours again and having community economy drives where we'll recycle goods amongst ourselves and go back to the old virtues of 'waste not want not'.

People may actually come out of their dingy rooms where they've hidden away on computers for years and start to appreciate the world they live in, nature, friendships, families, animals, the Sea, countryside etc.

So that's how I see this being a Karmic month. I hope I'm right.

As far as money & power's concerned I hope that those in power appreciate what they have & use it for the good of everyone.

Shared wealth, rather than those who have everything & those who have nothing.

I feel like I've drifted from my usual tone & become a little political- that'll be the 8 influence.

Sometimes, you just have to voice your opinions, don't you?

Remember to speak up for yourself in this Numerological 8 month of July too!

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