Thursday, June 5, 2008

Pair Charged In Tarot Scam

Many people were left wondering whether karma had worked its magic yesterday after a pair of tarot card reading con artists were jailed in Chicago for defrauding their clients.

Eric Tan, 34, and Tracy Tan, 37, were charged with planning to defraud their customers by persuading them that they were cursed. Once their customers believed that they were cursed, the crooked con artists convinced them that the only solution was expensive counselling sessions at a potential cost of thousands of dollars. As a police press release explains, “Tracy Tan would convince the customers that they had a curse on them, and that she was the only one who could fix their problems. During this 'counselling,' she would charge her victims thousands of dollars for her services and products, which provided them with a false sense of hope.”

The Tans had their business, Psychic Tarot Card Reading, searched by police after complaints from unhappy clients. During the search on the unlisted business, which was located near Naperville, police seized a substantial amount of cash and jewellery.

Following the findings, arrests were made and as a result, Tracy Tan was charged with eight felony counts, which include theft, forgery and possession of fraudulent identification. Meanwhile, Eric Tan was just charged with possession of fraudulent identification. The pair were held by the county court on a bail of $750,000 each, and they are both scheduled to appear back in court next month.

This case emphasises the importance of using reliable psychics and tarot card readers. Whether you choose to have a telephone reading, an email forecast or even a face-to-face tarot card reading, it is essential that you can trust the reader.

About Tarot Card Readings

Tarot Cards are a deck of 78 brightly illustrated cards that can be used to make predictions about the future. The cards are divided into two sections, the minor arcana and major arcana. Like regular playing cards, the major arcana boasts four suits of 10 cards that are numbered from ace to 10, as well as four court cards; the page, knight, queen and king. The minor arcana features the more famous tarot cards such as The Hanged Man, Death, Temperance and The Devil.

Prior to a reading, Tarot cards tend to be shuffled by the reader or subject, before being placed face down in a pattern or ‘spread’ onto a flat surface. Every card’s position in the spread has a particular number, and the cards are then turned over in that order. The card’s position in the spread shows which aspect of the subject’s life the card is referring to.


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By: Samantha Srillian

Samantha Srillian is a freelance writer, as well as a naturally gifted psychic medium and tarot card reader. She is interested in alternative therapies, angels and spiritual healing.

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Anonymous said...

I really don't know how you claim to be a tarot card reader. To begin with the major arcana has the more famous cards such as judgement, death, and the hanged man. The minor arcana contains four suits swords, wands,cups and pentacles( or coins) depending on the deck. To make such a fundamental mistake does not lend itself to your claim of being a tarot reader. Just sayin ya know