Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Power Of Numbers Series Part 1

By Dennis Francis

The start of a cycle, the beginning of a season, the birth of a child all holds a certain mystery and wonder. Going on a journey for the first time is exciting as is the consummation of new love.

The beginning of learning a new skill or task can be frustrating and as in exercise; bring a certain amount of pain. Numerology explains the beginning of all cycles as birth or opportunity. The book of Genesis (Greek; birth, origin) is all about the beauty, wonder, pain and tragedy of the beginnings. The numerological cycle lasts nine years. In that time period, there are opportunities for starting, perfecting and completing selected life lessons.

The number one is the force number.

It is the number of beginnings. It sometimes is very selfish and bold. It is the number of the individual. Persons born on the 1st., 10th,19th,28th of any month will have the forceful, ambitious, driven characteristics.

They will be self-starters who tend to see the big picture and impulsively strive to reach it. Those born on the first, tend to be more mentally focused, logical, independent, with a tendency to repress their emotions. They are fiercely independent and stubborn.

Those born on the 10th, are extremely creative and tend to elevate the characteristics of those born on the first to a higher level. They are artistic in multiple disciplines.

Those born on the 19th are more emotional and tend to move quickly between the highs of achievement to the bottomless abyss of failure. They bounce back quickly from problems and regain their boundless optimism.

Those born on the 28th of the month are more likely to be grounded and material minded. They will have the people pleasing abilities of the two combined with the force of personality of the eight. They have close friendships and are softer in attitude than their cousins the 1st, 10th, and the 19th.

The month of January and October are very important in your annual goals. If you were born in January, life forces your independence from birth to late twenties. You have developed strong inner reserves and though you tend to feel like an outsider, your strong ego acts as a buffer against feelings of isolation.

The month October brings talent and inspiration with the sense of camaraderie and self-confidence. The month of October brings an outward focus to the One personality. The tendency toward self-absorption is used to focus instead on the big picture.

Your Cash Attraction Factor is high because of the tendency to self-sufficiency. You tend to see money as a means to an end; money is a tool for attaining your goals. Since the number one is the vibration of new beginnings, your best way to use your Cash Attraction Factor is "Self Reliance". Starting new ventures in new fields and occupations is a strong trend for you to follow. Cutting edge and progressive ventures that give you authority over others while allowing you to think on your feet are perfect for you to make lots of money. April, August and February in that order, show the greatest peaks of prosperity along the "One" trend line. Self-motivation and perseverance are natural aspects to your personality. Exercise them in business and in your occupation. Your strengths are self-confidence, ambition and self-motivation. Your weaknesses are impulsiveness, isolation and selfishness. Those born in January, May and October will test you in some significant way. If you want more information on your Cash Attraction Factor or any other aspect of numerology, send me an email. I'll be glad to help.

Dennis Morales Francis is a consultant and coach for business professionals and wellness practitioners. Dennis is the author of "Double My Revenues In 12 Months or Less" and the upcoming book "Your Cash Attraction Factor". Go to http://www.didpublishing.com to learn how to get your books published. For a free numerology book by Steven Harlan Smith, and free personal numerology reading, go to http://www.mynumbersclub.com

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