Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Power Of Numbers Series Part 2

By Dennis Francis

The number one is the loner - the driving force; while the number two is the binding force; the power of love.

The famous mystic and numerologist Sefarial defined the number two as the symbol of relativity, antithesis, witness and confirmation. The Chinese symbol Yang/Yang; the symbol of duality is the primary force of the two. The number two rules the area of procreation, relationship of opposites and has for the moon as it natural symbol.

As the number one is represented by the Sun and its male aspects, the number two is considered the feminine aspects of the two ruling numbers. Bridging gaps, mending fences, relating and bonding are the natural strengths of the number two.

The number two is a persuasive number.

It is the number of partnerships. It sometimes is very passive and imaginative. It is the number of the romantic. Persons born on the 2nd 11th, 29th or the 29th of any month will have the gentle, considerate, driven characteristics.

Understanding, consideration, patience, sensitivity, tact, diplomacy, is all aspects of the vibration you were born under. You can listen and follow directions very well. You can work well with others and give love and attention without hesitation.

You need companionship and attention from your friends and loved ones. You have the ability to get what you want without doing it yourself. You gain through association and easily attract people who will help and protect you.

This vibration reflects the feminine principle in nature and gives you sensitivity, and balance. Your best days of the week are, Monday, followed by Friday. March, May, July, August and October are important months. Take full advantage of days that add up to 2, 11, 29 in any month.


Diplomacy, Patience, Rhythm, Sensitivity.

Actor, Artist, bank teller, caterer, collector, computer expert, cook, dancer, diplomat, editor, homemaker, mediator, musician, nutritionist, poet, psychiatrist, sailor, secretary, statistician, or teacher.


You express your love more from the emotional side of your nature.

Friends, lovers and companions are very important in your life. You must have companionship in order to be happy.

Avoid an early marriage if possible. There will be much to learn through relationships from childhood to around age 28 to 35. You will be involved with many people on varying degrees of intimacy. One of the reason for your attraction to others is you are a natural listener and can mold your personality to suit the other person. You are a magnet for people with problems and those needing a helping hand. This is why you have to be discriminating in your choice of friends, mates and lovers.

When and if you decide to marry, choose a date adding up to 2, 7, or 6. If possible, avoid January, April, and November and the 8th, 9th, 17th, 18th, 26th, or the 27th.

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Dennis Morales Francis is a consultant and coach for business professionals and wellness practitioners. Dennis is the author of "Double My Revenues In 12 Months or Less" and the upcoming book "Your Cash Attraction Factor". Go to to learn how to get your books published. For a free numerology book by Steven Harlan Smith, and free personal numerology reading, go to

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