Monday, June 16, 2008

The Power Of Numbers Series Part 5

By Dennis Francis

The compatibility of numbers has fascinated students of numerology and has incited many to try to fit their perception of their lives into numbers. People have changed their names and phone numbers to avoid incompatibility. They have tried to find their compatible mates through numbers in hopes of engineering the perfect match.

When I do a relationship chart, I point out the positive in each and the negative influence in each. Then I turn to the personal internal conflicts that they each have.

The most interesting part is when I show them the interlocking relationship that they have.

The most enduring couples aren't the ones that have a perfect compatibility rating; the most enduring couples are the ones that fit like locks and keys. They have components that support each other's shortcomings. They literally fit like keystones in a wall; each filling the gap left by the other.

Relationships don't exist in a conflict free environment; they change, grow, and are constantly learning or they grow stale and dull. As Woody Allen said, "relationships are like sharks, the keep swimming or they die".

The number five is the number of change.

Change is the key to your nature. You need freedom and travel to excite your mind and tickle your senses.

Choose your friends and environment with care. Fight against boredom.

Action, speed or sensual pleasure, the thrill of the adrenalin rush is seen as your collection of vices. Since this is also the sexual vibration, you will be seen as sexually attractive. This may be subtle or overt depending on other vibratory influences.

The sexual aspect can take many directions and can be the motivation for many different interests. Needless to say you are adaptable, changeable, communicative and versatile. You are seen as restless and can be irritable, nervous and apprehensive.

The constant change you need in your life calls for many adventures and if necessary, many loves. Your philosophy is to be free and unattached. You tend to dislike manual labor and instead like to use your intellect. The saying "courage under fire" means a lot to you. You're highly adaptable though you seem thrive under pressure.


Sales, Travel, Change, Communication, Chance.

Salesperson, reporter, communications expert, detective, public relations, pilot, writer, magician, gambler, interviewer, speaker, stockbroker, import export, scientist, racing driver, emergency service or crisis team.


Guard against an early marriage as it will take you awhile to settle down. Your freedom to move and grow must not be compromised. You have an impulsive nature that can get you into trouble or attract unique opportunities seldom taken by others.

Companions will be attracted to the part of your personality that is adventurous and sensual and may try to corral the part that constantly needs change and variety if it does not include them or clashes with their ego.

You are a romantic at heart. The 5th., 14th., and 23rd. of every month are strongly favorable to you.

In marriage, the months of April (latter part.), May, and June, late August through September. Select a date adding up to 5 or 6.

Dennis Morales Francis is a consultant and coach for business professionals and wellness practitioners. Dennis is the author of "Double My Revenues In 12 Months or Less" and the upcoming book "Your Cash Attraction Factor". Go to to learn how to get your books published. For a free numerology book by Steven Harlan Smith, and free personal numerology reading, go to

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