Friday, June 13, 2008

Psychic Abilities - Mindfulness Through Walking Meditation

By Tolga Savas

Psychic abilities occur each and everyday, whether the thought of a loved one, followed by a phone call from the same person in thought or a vision we actually awake with. Later realizing, hey I know I have felt this before, or I have been here before, some like to refer this as Dejavu meaning "already seen". Also called paramnesia , from Greek, ("near" "memory") is the experience of feeling sure that one has witnessed or experienced a new state formerly and also a sense of "strangeness", "weirdness", or "oddness". The "prior" experience is most frequently attributed to a dream, although in some cases there is a firm sense that the experience "genuinely happened" in the past.

Once you have a psychic vision, this obviously perceptible that this is a psychic incident and it doesn't get vanished in the midst of all the other matter that living a modern life entails. We can do better to block other peoples negative energies ungrounded, without compassion or gratitude, whether they're individual or global, to come, and affect our own lives, affecting our psychic talents. There is this ritual I like to do each day, which I call walking meditation to connect to my own self, through the power of my will and mind focus. And actually take photos without a camera.

Each morning as the birds awake and sing, it seems like they are actually calling for us to awake, and listen to their orchestra and they might not sound as majestic as Pavarotti. Nevertheless it still is pleasant to hear and be greeted by such beautiful sounds. And of course the concert is free, from these beautiful creatures.

If you have learned the potency of morning fresh air taken deep in lungs as if it is running out of fashion. And actually go and smell the fresh air in the morning by your walks, then you will know the feeling that is rare.

Now, the first step to understand is, you have many times in your early childhood stood and fell, crawled and fell, to actually learned to walk, so it would not be intelligent for me to say you should walk in such a manner, so first thing to remember is, we get outside, nice and early while the world we live in, getting ready for having their breakfasts and getting ready for work, we are out to greet the birth of a miracle that we are in, and we go for our stroll, slowly but surely, just slowly head up nice regular breaths, if you happen to live near a nature even better, now first thing to do before we start this morning walk ritual, we stop for a minute or two, and actually put our palm on top of our chest. and feel our heart beat, and say I am the secret that beats through you, I am here, the way I am made to greet life, and I will remember me, most beautiful, and we then go for our walk with a smile and take our daily walk, Now while we are walking do not think of yesterdays, it has not much to do with us while we walk, we live in the moment nice and early, so embrace all that is around you the tress the humans who are walking as well, the clouds, the birds, the air that swifts your skin, every thing that is natural, and while at it, do not forget to focus on one or two special beautiful visions or sounds that you felt, and keep that in memory, till you lay your body to dream at night, and actually play the feeling back, before you sleep, and make a habit of it, This is the basic thing we can do for ourselves.

And only we can do this for self, no one else can do it for us, so happy walks with smiles.

Tolga Savas

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