Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Psychic Chat Online - The State Of The Networks And The Evolution Of Live Chat

By Tara Nigma

Online psychic chat readings are becoming extremely popular. Laptops now almost always ship standard with a built in webcam. And online networks are all trying to out do each other with free promotions and better rates.

The serge of interest in this niche is largely thanks to the porn sector. They were the first to really capitalize on live webcam technology. They streamlined all the behind the scenes technology and then opened the doors for new services like online tutors, therapists, tarot card readers, and many more. Now more than ever there is fierce competition between the networks to put the tools in place for affiliate marketers to capitalize on the potential.

The competition is split between the older trusted networks and the big new players. Most psychics still use traditional telephone communication and this is why networks such as Keen are so strong. They provide a all the technology to network online but still use 1800 numbers for the final connection. Even though so many clients are itching to try out their shiny new webcam, Keen still holds an immense share of the communities communities communications. Things change slow among the community of mystic spiritualists.

The big player to keep a watch on is LivePerson. They have been around for almost 10 years and are the top dogs for offering online experts. Now they have recently acquired Kasamba which basically quadruples their offerings for online psychic readings. This puts them in the position of easily the most advanced and widest reaching psychic chat network. What will set them apart to their affiliates, is their commission structure.

Currently, LivePerson does not offer any revshare option to their affiliates, which is now common practice in the porn sector. This is because their are literally dozens of networks to choose from in that niche, that they had to start offering revshare to compete. LivePerson still has yet to feel the pressure, and their competition has yet to catch up technologically. Though what is going to happen next is obvious. Smaller psychic networks are goung to start banding together and offering better rates and commissions to compete. Personally what I am the most excited for will be improved promotions tools.

Live Person currently offers some pretty slick widgets that are leaps above any banner ads, but the next step is to let their affiliate sites initiate free live chats right no their own pages. This is something ImLive is already pioneering, but has yet to offer it for their minimal psychic chat offerings.

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