Thursday, June 5, 2008

Psychic Predictions, Destiny And Free Will

By Guido Grzinic

Some psychics claim 100% accuracy when it comes to making predictions.

However, I would say that 100% accuracy cannot be guaranteed for the simple reason that man has free will.

If it was possible to predict something with such certainty it would mean that the future was set in stone, it could not be changed. There would not be much point in incarnating into the physical form.

Because we have free will we can change our circumstances, we can learn and grow.

If everything was predetermined man would be reduced to a reactive machine that could not participate in the creative process.

When clairvoyants and psychics make predictions they are giving us the most likely outcome based on our, or the world's, current circumstances.

Many times the predictions come to pass but there is no guarantee they will do so because circumstances can change along the way as a result of the operation of free will.

Psychic predictions involve being able to see causal connections from a higher perspective which gives one a better view of the probable future.

An analogy of this would be the example where two persons walk along roads that intersect some distance away. The walkers not being aware of their probable future meeting at the intersection because the view ahead is obscured by intervening hills.

Someone looking down from a height, in a helicopter for example, might be able to predict that the two persons would meet in a certain time frame, based on the rate of walking and their distance from the intersection, etc, but there is no guarantee that this will happen.

One of the walkers might decide to rest for a while before proceeding, missing the other person at the junction, etc.

Some well know psychics have in the past had some spectacular hits with predictions, but also spectacular misses, for this reason.

Nevertheless, the fact that some of these predictions can be made at all is remarkable in itself.

That some disasters for example have been accurately predicted long before they occurred shows us how little we understand at the scientific level about the workings of the universe.

This indicates that there is a lot more than just physical laws at play in determining outcomes.

It further supports the explanations given to us by the wise ones that it is the actions and thoughts of humanity that are responsible for many of the events seen on the planet.

There is currently a lot of negative focus on the Earth plane. News services concentrate on negativity, we have global tensions and the effects of global warming, etc. All of this helps to shape our future.

Despite all of this, we are optimistic about the future. For if we can influence events in a negative way we can also create a brighter personal and global future by thinking and practicing more peace, love and gratitude.

Positive thought is a lot more powerful than it's negative counterparts, so it only takes a relatively small number of people to affect changes for the better.

Guido Grzinic graduated as a scientist (PhD in Physics) but has always been interested in the new age and eastern mysticism.
He sees all of these as complementing one another rather than being at odds, see

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