Saturday, June 7, 2008

Psychic Predictions For The Summer Of 2008

By Tana Hoy

With the recent tragic world events that we have seen lately, many people have asked me is it over or is there more tragedy in store for 2008?

With the planetary shifts taking place all around us, more tragedy is inevitable...

School Shootings - We are going to see another tragic shooting in a college or high school in a Midwestern or western town.

Natural Disaster - More natural disasters are going to strike in Asia, especially close to or near Indonesia, Vietnam or Thailand.

Kidnappings - Kidnappings are going to be on the rise in this country. We are going to hear about Americans being kidnapped and taken across our borders into border towns and held there for ransom. Many of these victims will not survive. I predicted that this was going to happen over four years ago and we are already seeing signs of it in states such as Texas, Arizona and parts of California.

Iraq War - The war in Iraq isn't going to end soon. Although we are going to have less and less causalities, it is not going to end yet, no matter who becomes president.

There is good news, though...

Economy - The economy is going to recover very quickly and I encourage people not to listen to all of the negative hype in the media.

Gas Prices - Gas prices will continue to rise, but as soon as the current President is out of office, we will se gas prices start to go down again.

Housing Market - The housing market is doing exactly what I had predicted, still going down. And it will continue to do what I had predicted, start going up again after August of this year.

Count your blessings, pray for the less fortunate...

This is a going to be a year mixed with sadness for some parts of the world and joy for others. Remember to keep those who are affected in your prayers and remember to make a gratitude list daily to remind you of all of the good things that you have in your life.

Psychic Medium Tana Hoy is most well known for his accurate predicition of the Oklahoma City Bombing. But, he has helped thousands of people understand their current situations and plan for future luck and misfortune with his highly-developed sixth sense. He also teaches psychic development classes. For more information visit

Unlike many psychics who claim to have "found" their abilities after freak accidents - Tana Hoy was born with his abilities and has dedicated his life to developing them to help people. A truly compassionate person, Tana offers not only predictions but sound advice and guidance on how to cope with the changes that life presents, how to make good decisions and how to live a happy, fulfilling life.

Tana is especially gifted in identifying soul mates and in revealing hidden sources of stress and pain.

In his on-air interviews, Tana is often asked for celebrity predictions. You can find many of these at his site, and in his monthly newsletter.

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