Sunday, June 22, 2008

Psychic Readings: Free Or Paid?

Psychic readings are attempts to foretell the future. This practice exists mainly because of the nature of man; he is inherently curious by nature. To know the unknown. To uncover the truth. To know what lies ahead of him in time and prepare for it. The popularity gave way to psychometry readings, tarot reading, aura reading and many other practices. It is thism popularity, that nurtured the practice of psychic readings and though time has progressed and man has turned from superstitious to a logical being, psychic’s still captivate the hearts of many.

In this modern age of technology, those days are long gone when a person had to travel across town to a psychic, sit face-to-face with him and watch his future unfold. Now psychic readings are done online. Thousands of websites provide free and paid psychic services. A quick entering of the credit card number unfolds the future of the customer. It has become quite convenient indeed. However, sychic readings are psychic readings and if there are free psychic readings being given, why opt for paid internet services? Why not go to a real psychic? Why not be content with free services on the internet?

First of all, free content in the internet is more or less considered to be entirely bogus. If a person opens a website which allows free psychic service, almost immediately it must be registered in the mind of the user that this website is not effective at all. What these websites do is simple. They have been programmed in a way to give information specific to what has been fed to it, in a random manner. A website providing free psychic readings asks the surfer to click on a certain button to know his psychic reading, weirdly after the first reading is done, no more readings are allowed based on the excuse that only one reading is allowed per day or any other reason for that matter. This has been done so that people are not made aware of the random feature these website are programmed for. Another click on the same button should tell the same tale as before, but it doesn’t. A quick clean of the websites cookies and the same page would open up for a psychic reading and as suspected, clicking on the psychic button yields a different result and at times, a contradictory result. These are not psychic readings but simply programs programmed to execute in a certain way to fool the user. Therefore free websites are not recommended at all. However they might prove useful to tease a friend.

Paid services of some websites are effective. There are real people on the other side who provide professional services. There are websites which connect the customer to a real psychic who have telephonic conversations through which psychic readings are done. However, if one is genuine, then nine others are not. So one has to be very careful while choosing a psychic website. Testimonials must be read, research must be done before joining the website. The fact that the website is genuine must be confirmed first. There are many psychic websites which provide the exact same services of a free website for a price. A customer has to be able to read the fine print in the ad. Though these services are effective, you may never know if the person on the other side of the line is a real psychic or not. He may be a school teenager for all that matters. Trusting these websites is something which has to be learnt by trial and error.

Finally, the real deal, face-to-face with a psychic. This is considered to be as good as it gets. This ensures full service. In this case, you know that the ther person is psychic and will give you what you want and even if the results don’t bear fruit, you will know that your money did not go in vain.

After looking into all the options, it can very well be said that free psychic readings can seldom be availed of. Not much options lies here. Free psychic eadings are mostly done for the fun of it since known psychics would not do it for free. The only option for an honest and true psychic reading would be to pay for it.

By: Umar

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