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The Role of Planets In Vedic Astrology: A Vedic Guide

Author, Fredrick Volstadt


There is no way to separate the function of Vedic astrology and the significance of the planets. In many instances, the role of planets in Vedic astrology figure prominently in the several indicators that help to create an image of some future event. Here are some examples of what the various planets may signify when interpreted in relation to other elements that make up the prediction.

Role Of Mars

Mars is known as Mangala in the practice of Vedic astrology. Often, the current position of Mars within the constellations can relate to all sorts of positive energy. This may include the pursuit of actions that will result in positive results, or the presence of a high level of confidence in the abilities of one or more persons.

At the same time, Mars can also present situations where there is an indication of too much action that could lead to negative consequences. For example, the ego may be overinflated, making the person less cautious in making decisions. At the same time, the ego may be bruised, making an individual overly cautious and possibly missing out on a great opportunity.

Role Of Mercury

Mercury or Buddha can often indicate the presence of analysis and communication. When presented as a positive aspect, Mercury points toward the deliberate and competent pursuit of well-informed decisions that are based on a methodical approach and the ability to both speak and listen.

At the same time, Mercury may also point to situations where there is an issue with effective communication, such as when the mind is closed and will not allow new understandings to influence decisions. When this is the case, Mercury may be in close alignment with Saturn, which is sometimes understood to indicate the necessity of learning a lesson the hard way.

Role Of Jupiter

Jupiter or Brihaspati is often interpreted as the great teacher. The presence of Jupiter may work with the sun to indicate the presence of an authority figure who is in a position to impart knowledge and understanding. Jupiter may also be applied in a broad sense, indicating opportunities to learn may be on the horizon for the individual.

Practical Application

The position of the planets in Vedic astrology can often work together to provide a more accurate picture of what is to come. When any two planets are in relatively close alignment, that is an indication that each will exert some degree of influence on the other that will provide the platform for future events. Persons skilled in casting horoscopes in the Vedic tradition will be mindful of how planets in Vedic astrology interact, as well as what they can mean and of themselves.

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