Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope July 2008

By Rohan Joshi

Money -Career Horoscope
There can be chaotic conditions due to the Mars-Saturn conjunction generating difficult situations. You will determine to take on a difficult goal and work obstinately to get something solid and lasting results but you may come across adversity, disappointment in plans, and hostility from superiors.

Finances will be under control and money will come, but you need to curb your unplanned expenditures. Saving becomes important and is advisable to you in this month.

Love Horoscope
During this month Venus and Mercury placed in the eighth house so you may find problems in expressing your feelings and convey your message efficiently and effectively.

You will try to analyze each and everything regarding your relationship and that can be a reason for worry. You'll constantly think about anything that's complex and secret in your relationship. You will enjoy the company of somebody who can share the strange and magical side of love with you.

Health Horoscope
You will be in bad mood particularly in the first two decades of this month. Your self-confidence and beliefs will be more vulnerable in this period and you tend to get irritated even in minor troubles. The stress and negativity may disturb your inner balance and lead you to physical ailments.

You should try to control over anxieties and worries but that may not work out till mid of the month. This period is of mental problems and anxieties but as far as you are likely to be fit physically, you will be able to deal with troubles.

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