Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Secret To Psychic Mediumship

Did you ever wonder how Psychic Mediums in the media contact deceased loved ones so accurately in front of an audience? Does it all seem like magic, smoke and mirrors? They seem to get names, facts and figures like "water running off a duck's back!" Did it ever occur to you that mediumship is a skill most people can do, provided they know the right, extremely simple to learn, mind development exercises?

When I first started studying mediumship, it all seemed rather mystical to me. I strained, strived and struggled to get accurate information. I believed it was difficult and difficult it became. My teacher's all taught versions of meditation to gain access, but the techniques they used did not provide a foolproof method to go deeply enough into trance at will.

But there is a way to do it. It is called hypnosis. Yes, simple self-hypnosis as a technique can place you deeply in trance so that access to the world of spirit is highly probably and quite likely. This coupled with unblocking any issues you might have are the foundation for success in this work.

Mediumship can be explained in a minute. You relax, ask for access to spirit, and then receive the information without blocking it. But like riding a bike, instructions are not enough. Developing the skill is everything. The most critical skill to build for successful mediumship is learning how to effectively enter trance and unblocking any beliefs or past life issues which might prevent an open channel.

The way to do this effectively is using hypnosis. To enter a simple self induced trance take the following steps. You might want to record these steps in your own voice for easy playback.

1. Get into a comfortable position seated or lying down where you will not be interrupted for at least five to ten minutes.
2. Take in a few deep breaths and relax.
3. Imagine you are in a field and off in the distance you see a water well.
4. You walk over to it and peer down into the well.
5. There is no water in the well, but rather you realize it is a very long tunnel with a white light at the very end of it way off in the distance.
6. You notice a stairway curving along the inner perimeter of the tunnel. It starts at the top of the inside of the tunnel curving down clockwise to the white light at the very end.
7. You feel compelled to step into the well and climb onto the staircase.
8. As you walk down the stairs you count backwards slowly from 10. Each number represents a station and is separated by at least five steps. At each station you suggest to yourself you are going deeper and deeper into the well and into a relaxed sleep until you arrive at the white light at zero.
9. You enter the white light.
10. This is the spiritual realm. It looks like any place that is extremely familiar, pleasant and relaxing to you. This is the place where contact with the world of spirit is possible.
11. Relax and begin to ask spirit to provide you the information you need.

Quite often the things we think are exotic really are quite ordinary provided we have the right tools. When you think about flying, it was an outrageous idea before the airplane was invented. Well, what if you had the right tools to open your mind to connect to spirit with repeatable accuracy? This is what the correct tools to go to trance can do for you. It makes the exotic simple, repeatable and quite possible.

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