Friday, June 13, 2008

Seven things you should look for when choosing a psychic development course

by Heidi Sawyer

Seven things you should look for when choosing a psychic development course

1. Does the course include meditation and what sort? Meditation is an important part of psychic development. It is more beneficial for the psyche and your pursuit of the sixth sense to be exposed to meditation that is guided and embraces all the senses. This is because we are all different, the forms of meditation should include methods to draw upon clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience all at once. Then you can be sure it will include your strength area.

2. Does the course include methods to quieten the mind without expecting you to do it all yourself? Most people take months if not years to learn how to quieten the mind unless they have some sort of tool to help them slow their busy mind. Ask yourself if the course you want to pursue includes methods or sounds to steady the mind.

3. Is the person who has written the course or guides the course a natural, confident and experienced psychic? If you are new to psychic development you are going to want someone who has a naturally strong gift to be the person guiding you through your experiences. You will then feel more confident in your own skills and will push yourself further.

4. Is the course easy to understand? No psychic development course should be complicated or difficult to do. It should be easy to follow and rich in experiences rather than theory. This is so you develop trust in your own psychic skills and develop a strong intuition.

5. Does it feel normal? Embracing your sixth sense should be a very natural experience. Any course in psychic or mediumship skills should feel natural and normal. It is fine to feel apprehensive even scared at first, but as you pursue your psychic gifts it should begin to feel very enjoyable.

6. Do you want to make inner progress & feel the course you have chosen can offer that? When choosing a psychic course it should allow you to open up to your deeper nature. The course you choose should make you feel both apprehensive and excited all at the same time.

7. Are you not sure and feel scared but want to do it anyway? To feel this way is perfectly ok and part of the process in opening to your psychic abilities. This is because part of you will not know what to expect. If a friend has recommended for you to participate in a particular psychic course pursue that one! You will then feel naturally more confident and excited even though you’re apprehensive about opening up to your sixth sense and the psychic medium skills associated with it. What you should be doing is enjoying it! It should feel light and happy, not a chore or feel as though you are back in school.

Article written by Heidi Sawyer, Director of The Heidi Sawyer Institute of Psychic Development. Heidi is an accomplished author and world-renowned course facilitator on the subject of Psychic Development, her website can be found at

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