Thursday, June 26, 2008

Success Astrology - Aries Professional Profile

By C. Latrice

Having a good idea of the most predominant qualities and character traits of people you conduct business with is a great start to communicating and connecting with them in ways that will result in successful interactions. Though it does not reveal everything, awareness of Sun Signs lead to better results in personal and professional exchanges if we are knowledgeable of the energy that was most expressed during the time one was born.


March 21 - April 20

Aries is the natural-born leader who will make their way to the head of any pack. As the first sign of the zodiac, this lovable yet restless personality will constantly have new ideas and will be excited about starting new projects.

If you have Aries as a boss or co-worker, be prepared for them to make their announcements with enthusiasm... and be especially prepared when they expect you to be just as enthusiastic. The Aries seeks to motivate and inspire others though it is sometimes to difficult to keep themselves inspired; they have a reputation for running out of steam mid-way. Don't worry, Aries is good at delegating so they will appoint someone to finish the work, as they oversee the project.

You will be impressed with their vibrant personality but may wonder how they can have so much to say about one topic! The self-confident and very intelligent Aries rarely runs out of things to say and can brilliantly elaborate on subjects of their expertise.

When faced with a challenge, the Aries is definitely the right one to have on your team because backing down is not in their nature. It is better to work with this figure than against them. For times sake, give them their way now and if need be, renegotiate later.

Follow the Aries with caution, still being sure to leave bread crumbs along the way in case you need to find your way back. They are very good at spotting the next best thing and will seem to attract great opportunities, sometimes leading you to gold; other times to a useless pile of rocks.

The Aries is openhearted and will be a great friend to you when you need someone to listen (as long as you speak quickly). This ambitious personality is destined for success so its suggested that you get on their train or get out of their way!

Peace, Love & Success! C. Latrice Fortunate Future Network

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