Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tarot Card Layouts - Using Tarot Card Layouts to Divine the Future

By Katherine Heiden

From simple questions to complex concepts, different Tarot card layouts provide customized insight into situations. Some are deceptively simple, but offer a limited amount of esoteric information. Other Tarot card layouts are extremely involved, but provide a depth of understanding that is mind-boggling in its scope. Between these extremes is a plethora of other Tarot card layouts, each one tapping into psychic power of the cosmos to enlighten and encourage further understanding in our world and our lives. Tarot card layouts may even be one of a kind spreads, developed for particular individuals, or to resolve specific situations.

A good practice is to develop a set of preferred Tarot card layouts that lend themselves to the situations the reader encounters most often. Love and finance are often the primary questions involved in a divination, a fact that every reader should acknowledge. Develop a deep and intuitive knowledge of Tarot card layouts that are specialized for this purpose. Make lists of the inquiries made most often, and be confident when choosing the spread which works best for those situations. Keep in mind that the confidence which is displayed during a session is contagious; any doubt displayed by the reader is passed on to the questioner!

All layouts have their specific purposes. In order to properly divine the secrets locked within the cards, an intimate knowledge of these individual facets is important. Psychic powers must be coerced into revealing secrets, and the correct pattern of the deck is a necessity that cannot be ignored. Invest in reference materials, including a guide to Tarot card layouts, and use it as a guide to perfecting this strange and wonderful mystic art. The forces at work through the hands of the reader are enormous, their proper use could shape great destinies when used in the proper way, and effort should be taken to fully understand the myriad ramifications of apparently minor differences.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a question may sometimes require not one, but multiple layouts, each one giving more insight into the details of the previous. For those in-depth situations, be prepared. By knowing which Tarot card layouts work best for which situations, the entire reading will flow seamlessly, and be far more accurate. Just as a painter must have knowledge of how the different colors mix to form subtle shades, the art of Tarot requires more than a simple knowledge of the deck. It requires the artist to know which variation is best applied to a particular scenario.

Katherine Heiden is a professional tarot card reader and clairvoyant. Her new guide Learn Tarot Cards is a great resource for beginners and experts alike, and includes many bonus guides showing you how to take your hobby of doing tarot card readings and turn it into a career.

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