Thursday, June 26, 2008

Taurus Monthly Horoscope July 2008

By Rohan Joshi

Money - Career Horoscope

During this month there could be a favorable event related to a contract or a new venture. You may get some opportunities but you will have to try hard to get desired results. Use the given chance properly.

You may get support from your family members and close relatives morally and even financially if required. The second part of this month is more opportune for getting success in the new venture. Month of July looks good for negotiations, investments and acquisitions. Financial arrangement process may be over here and you may look forward to expand your business or investing money in some new venture. Don't let any opportunity go vainly.

Love Horoscope

During this month the Mars-Saturn conjunction will occur in the house of love. So you will be determined and firm. You tend to take your emotions and requirements more seriously and you may see the developments in serious, realistic and somewhat harsh manner.

There are chances of misunderstandings and disputes in relationship and your plans get delayed. At the time of making decisions, you might consider many factors and will be very practical.

Health Horoscope

In this month you may find your energies up to the mark. There are no health issues envisaged in this phase. You will generally keep in good mood. You just need to watch your diet in this period.

Still, a little more cautions will be required while traveling. Mars-Saturn conjunction looks good to start an exercising course and join gym.

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