Thursday, June 26, 2008

There Are Real, Ethical and Personal Psychics

By Carmen Rosa Sabbath

A personal Psychic who promotes Ethics is the Psychic of choice. They tell you the truth of what they see (or don't see) without embellishing the ancient old tactic of charlatans of repeating the same rhetoric to each person. I'm sure some of you have heard some sayings such as, "For every 3 steps you take forward, you will take 2 steps backwards," "You are much admired but have many jealous people around you," or "Things are going wrong in your life because you have a curse on you." Who wants to hear this from a psychic? No one really. Unfortunately the unethical practices of some pseudo-Psychics have tarnished the Fortune Telling Industry.

There are Psychics out there that are full time Spiritual people who have devoted their everyday life to being a professional Psychic and Spiritualist. A personal and beneficial one-on-one spiritual relationship can be built with an individual Psychic who can assist you with lifes' challenges. They can tell you the optimum time to sell your house, which college will select your child, or when will marriage come your way. Look for a Psychic who places being a Psychic first and foremost above making money. These individual Psychics charge reasonable rates and usually offer some type of free service so that they can achieve their goal of helping their fellow man (or woman).So don't be apprehensive about consulting a Psychic because of some of the negative publicity caused by a group of individuals who really were not true psychics to begin with. There are real, Ethical and personal Psychics available to help you.

I am an 8the Generation Psychic and Spiritualist who is true to my craft. I want to make a positive difference in people's lives and I want to restore Ethics and Integrity to the Psychic Arena. For a free Horoscope and Newsletter, please visit my website at: or email me at: May the rainbows shine in your direction!

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