Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Understanding of Universal Energy in the Spiritual Development Process.

By: Keith Mcgregor

In spiritual development we start to learn that we are part of the whole, part of the energy of the universe.

When we start to use meditation exercises we start the spiritual process of getting to know the energy within ourselves and we begin to understand our own energy.

This process we call being at one with yourself.

The basic method of doing this is through meditations or guided meditations. Often people use downloadable meditations so that they can progress wherever they go.

As we develop in finding the peace within ourselves, we develop into our becoming one with ourselves. We start to become aware of the energies around us. When we know ourselves it becomes easier to distinguish between our own energy and the energy that flows around us.

This helps us to tell the difference between what we are receiving and what we are thinking. The average student finds this a very hard part of the process but learns quickly just to accept what they get, no matter how simple, silly or strange the vision, thoughts or information is, and give what they get. Because we are becoming in tune with our own energy we will slowly understand what feels different to us so that we can decipher what is coming to us and what is from us.

When you are accustomed to becoming at one with yourself, you start to accept that when you are connecting to universal energy for spiritual development or just for the quietness of your mind, it is about relaxing your thoughts and allowing them to be the passive part of yourself. Keeping them calm and accepting and allowing the universal flow through your mind.

When we have reached this stage we start to realise that this empowers us, makes us feel fresh and strong and gives our brains a little bit of a vacation that most of us need for our minds. As we get used to this flow, we also realise that our spiritual development has taken a huge step forward. We are allowing the universal energies to come through to us with confidence and thus creating a powerful, strong link with spirit and the universal energies and creating an accurate powerful knowledge.

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