Friday, June 13, 2008

Using Sample Tarot Spreads to Learn the Meaning of Tarot Cards

By Katherine Heiden

Sample Tarot spreads are a good way to learn and practice the skill of Tarot divination. Practice makes perfect, as the saying goes, and using sample Tarot spreads is one way to achieve greater perfection. Deal your favorite layout repeatedly, analyzing the meanings of each card, trump, and suit. Pay close attention to the way each of the sample Tarot spreads are interpreted. Watch the subtle nuances that are spelled out by the suits, and look closely at the interactions performed by the major trumps. Using sample Tarot spreads could very well be the key to successful readings.

Because of the number and variety of layouts, try using sample Tarot spreads to find the ones that suit your needs. From one to as many as 16, sample Tarot spreads will help someone become familiar with the many different layouts. Whether the reading examines love, money, or the future, knowing which layout to use will certainly be a benefit. From the simple 3 card layout, which contains only a glimpse of Past, Present, and Future, to the elaborate Golden Dawn Spread, the layout used helps to ascertain accuracy, and determine the depth of detail. Using a guide, and trying various examples, it won't take long to learn to recognize which set up is best for a given situation.

It is simply a good idea to use these practice layouts, especially when perfecting the art. Doing so promotes the using the deck for its maximum potential. It allows a sense of confidence when the time comes to perform a reading for others. It encourages your ability to tap into the mysterious power of divination the cards embody. Using samples done by others is an excellent way to build the confidence of reading that will allow even a beginner to give concise, informative divinations.

With so many possibilities for making a proper divination, it is hard to imagine anyone not using sample card layouts to increase their talent. Increased accuracy, increased information, greater detail and clarity all benefit from using them. Each individual, likewise, becomes more proficient in the art by using them. Sample Tarot spreads are to these mystical cards, the same as regular exercise would be to a fitness expert, and their importance should never be ignored.

Personally, I would recommend using this guide when first starting out with tarot cards. It has a lot of good information on how to learn tarot cards at home.

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