Monday, June 9, 2008

What Are Tarot Cards And How Do They Work

By Daniel Millions

The widely popular Tarot card reading dates back as early as the year 1440 and has been known to draw a great deal of fascination from individuals throughout the years. You will be able to find a wide and varied selection of all different styles and variations of tarot card reading today. The variation that becomes available in styles has only increased as time has gone by.

The Tarot cards are certainly one of the oldest and no doubt one of the most popular card games that are played among many card readers of today's time. The principles that are involved in Christianity, the life of Jesus, and the angels are the main things that are emphasized in the reading of Tarot. Tarot readers find insight that is given to them by the specific cards they read. They can read things such as what is currently happening, and what could possibly happen in the future.

Each card in this popular deck of cards has its own special meaning that is symbolic in Tarot card reading. It would depend on which deck you choose to use for a reading as to the specific meanings because the cards and the symbolisms can slightly vary in their meaning from the different decks of cards that are available.

One of the most popular decks among Tarot card readers is the Rider-Waite. Perhaps the reason this deck has become so popular, is that it is so easy to understand. The designs that were created for this deck, was first created in 1910, were drawn by Pamela Coleman Smith, and the deck is named after famous occult scholar, Dr. Arthur Edward Waite. This increasingly popular deck is used mainly in the Western world. Even though some of the European countries have been known to try their hand at being able to read Tarot cards, the Westerners are still the ones who are most familiar with them.

Each deck holds 78 cards that are divided in two parts. One being called the Major Arcana, and is made of 22 carats, and the second part being called the Minor Arcana, and is made of 56 cards, making four suits that can be compared to that of a regular deck of cards. The major events of our lives are symbolized by the Major Arcana. Everyday aspects of our lives are symbolized by the Minor Arcana.

Many individuals may not be aware that there are also a few other very popular Christian card games that are available. To name a couple of these are Amen, and one that is known by many as the greatest available in the world, is Redemption. Anyone that has a desire can learn to read Tarot cards. It isn't a requirement that you be a medium, or a psychic, or a clairvoyant to be able to read these cards. There is a large amount of all different styles of books that are available on Tarot card reading that offers you complete information on what each Tarot card and symbol stands for and means.

With the vast supply of information that is available online today, you are sure to be able to find a plethora of all types of information that is available on Tarot card reading and all other Christian card games, right at your fingertips.

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