Thursday, June 5, 2008

What Life Cycle Are You?

Did you know that in Numerology, the cycle is nine years?

This means, that depending on what year it is, you could be going through nine different cycles?.

This is where you need to find out what cycle you are in right now. This could be your creative cycle, so you would then put all your efforts into creating. Or this could be the year you need to go out and find romance. Or, this could be the year of financial success!

The value of numerology, is that it can tell you what would be a waste of time working and focusing on during a that cycle, and what would be the best to focus on for you.

Therefore, if you follow numerology, for character, destinies and more, then why not find out your life cycle?

This way you can concentrate on the right part of your life, and find success!

If you want to know your personal year, take the month and day of your birth down to a single digit, then add this to the year you want to examine .. such as 2008. Once you know your personal year, you can evaluate the coming calendar year.

Find out what cycle you are in. Why spend your time treading water when you are meant to be creating, or meeting your significant other, or having a successful career.

Don’t waste a minute, find out your life cycle number now!

By: Diane Palmer

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