Monday, June 16, 2008

Your Expanded Aura is Infinite

By: Richard D. Blackstone

We live in a universe of dualities. Spirituality information tells us that we are all one but our physical senses tell us that we are all separate. The secret is in knowing these are both part of our life experience. Use the secret to expand your spiritual growth.

This pervasive preponderance of living in this realm of dualities has skewed our interpretation of ourselves into thinking that we are also a two-part entity, mainly a mind and a body.

The reality is, of course, that we are a three-part being made up of mind, body and spirit. It is in the knowing and acknowledging of this ultimate totality of who we really are that is the key to understanding the true nature of how things work.

The spirit part of our beingness is the metaphysical aspect of ourselves that ties us together physically. While the physical parts of our body seem to end at the most external portions of our skin, the nonphysical and metaphysical aspects of our beingness continue beyond the physical limitations of skin.

This extension of our ethereal body is most widely known as our “aura.” This is the zone of energy that is often physically visible to the trained eye or the lens of a camera that is designed to capture these vibrations on film.

We think of this “aura” as extending out from our bodies but in reality it is our bodies that are encased within the parameters of the “aura.”

Now here is the ultimate truth of your aura: Your aura is the one aura that is all auras.

The aura that surrounds you is the continuation of the aura of the person that is next to you, that is a continuation of the aura of your neighbor, that is a continuation of the aura of the people in the next town, that is the continuation of the aura of the people in the next state, that is the continuation of the aura of the people in the next country, that is the continuation of the aura of the people in the next planet, that is the continuation of the aura of the people in the next universe, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

It is all the same aura. It just reflects different vibratory tones when it is next to any particular body. We are all connected to everything: physical, nonphysical and metaphysical. We are all one.

Let's go one step further. We live in this realm of dualities thinking that we are mostly a two part being made up of mind and body. The body functions according to what the mind is telling it to do. This is only partly correct. A more accurate description is that we are using the brain, which is a physical part of the body, to interpret the incoming data from our physical and nonphysical senses.

The mind is not the brain. The brain is part of our physical body that is a command and control center. When we speak of the mind we usually say “my mind.” Once again we are subject to the power of words and their limitations. When we say “my mind” we immediately think that each of us has their own mind that funnels information to the brain, according to the particular experiences and memories that “our mind” has.

The ultimate truth is that the mind, much like the aura, is the one mind that is all minds. The mind that we believe to be our own is merely a part of the “universal mind” that is part of all things. It is the mind of God and therefore the one mind that is all minds.

Once again, we are vibrating at a unique frequency that allows us to retain and draw to us that part of the universal mind that we know of as our memories and our knowledge. The memories and the knowledge that we claim to possess are all part of the bigger field of memories and knowledge that makes up the totality of the universal mind.

If you want to know something that you think you don't know, just put your attention on it. The universal mind, which is all knowing, has no other recourse but to bring forth the knowledge that you seek.

It is then a matter of discernment for you to be aware that this knowledge has come to you. It can reveal itself in an infinite variety of forms and it is up to us to be awake and aware when it shows up in our reality.

This demonstrates another reason to accept what shows up in your life and quit judging things as right or wrong or good or bad. What shows up is just “what is.” The discerning question you need to ask yourself is, “Does this serve me?” When you answer that question you will be able to make a choice as to whether you want to use it or drop it from your consciousness and choose again.

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