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The 15 Ways to Quicken Your Psychic Development Progress

By Heidi Sawyer

There are a number of techniques you can use in order to accelerate your psychic journey. All are used by some of the very best psychic's. The key to all of it is to embrace without fear, to experience with an open heart and mind. Success is then assured!

1. Systematic progress

Systematic progress means to move towards a controlled, dedicated progress to help develop fearlessness. A lesson once a week or time set aside to learn will help most certainly be right for the aspiring psychic, but like anything else, the development process takes work. Only practice makes perfect.

2. Concentration

Concentration is one of the fundamental basics of developing psychically. It is necessary to develop good concentration skills to be able to channel a decent level of energy and to tell the difference between your own thoughts and information of a higher calibre.

3. Willingness to accept and transcend mistakes

It is fine to make mistakes. No one is perfect. If you make a mistake on a reading it is ok, what it doesn't mean is that it is an excuse to give up on yourself. Readings will never be 100% accurate. You can only give guidance because there is such a thing as free will. People are able to change the direction of their life with a single thought, so although some things are pretty much as to what is going on in a person's life, you can only help to steer them in a direction of understanding where they are at, and what they need to do to help move to where they want to be. Of course a lot of things can be accurately predicted, there are also things that can't.

It is not ok to beat yourself up about mistakes you make in life. Acknowledge the mistake, apologise if necessary, learn the lesson the Universe wanted to teach you and move on. The more you hold on to the old, the slower your progress. It is not possible or advisable to drive looking in the rear view mirror, unless you want to crash.

4. Taking responsibility for the self and the self's progress

It is up to you to get the best from life, not your partners, not your parents, not your employers and not the government's! The quicker the developing psychic takes responsibility for their self the speedier the progress. If you don't like your job - that's your problem, if you don't like your partner - that's your problem, if you don't like where you are living - that's your problem. It is not the case; 'oh if only I had more money everything would be ok' or if 'only my partner would be more loving it would all be ok'. If you want more money develop yourself from the INSIDE so you truly feel you DESERVE more money. If you want more love in your life BE more loving. If you don't like your job change your attitude. Guaranteed if you leave your job without changing your attitude the thing that 'got up your nose' before will get up your nose again. It is not the way people behave that upsets a person; it is the way they choose to interpret their behaviour that is upsetting. If you don't like something change it! Moaning about it is not going to help anyone and will help to keep you exactly where you are - miserable. If you take the attitude of action with life, it becomes much lighter and your path will move at an alarming pace!

"All men die, not all men really live." William Wallace

5. Understanding the journey is natural

If you can understand that the psychic journey is natural and that you are not a freak of nature, you become more accepting of yourself and therefore others. You begin to learn that every living person at some point or another will step on the path whether they realise it or not. That person too, will have first stepped on as a frightened individual. So, in seeing that your path is natural you automatically help others to see their way ahead.

6. Unclutter your mind and life

A cluttered mind and life does not make for good spiritual / psychic progress. If you have a rabble going on in your own head it is highly unlikely you will hear any outside influences trying to speak with you. Much like calling out to attract the attention of someone across a busy room is much harder than at a library.

Regular meditation helps with this. Also remember, God gave you two ears and one mouth, so use them in that ratio! Very few people use their ears. Most of the time they are waiting for a gap in the conversation so they can put their point across. Make a point of using both your ears. LISTEN to people. Give them your full attention, and truly listen to what they have to say (and to what they are not saying). This will also help to develop concentration skills. If you are useless at listening to people you are not going to be much better at listening to spirit.

7. Honesty with the self and others

Honesty with the self and others is not always an easy option. It is important that your internal dialogue matches the external actions. This trains the mind to only accept high quality information. For instance, if you keep telling yourself you should give up smoking and you remain a smoker you are telling a lie. Either give up or accept that you smoke. It is likely much of the time, what comes out of a person's mouth is opposite to what they really think. Stick to the rule, only speak of others as you would wish to be spoken to, and do not say anything of an absent party that you would not say to their face. This rule also applies to your self. Saying something and then not do is like giving away your power. Only speak of it if you are going to do it and stay true to your word until the job is done. People will then remember you as a person of truth and so will your subconscious.

8. Integrity

No guide of a high nature or person who has passed over will communicate through someone who is not honest and devoid of integrity. You wouldn't impart your deepest thoughts and secrets to someone you don't trust, would you? Integrity means to be of 'high thinking'. Go for what feels perfect to you, whether it is popular with your peers or not. Spirit will become aware that you will interpret the information they wish for you to pass on, to the best of your ability. Keep it simple; 'do the right thing because it is the right thing to do'.

9. Difficulties are a blessing

If you can understand that difficulties are a blessing you will accelerate your life path at an amazing rate. This means, that in every difficulty in life you must see the upside. The upside will be what the difficulties have taught you. The most developed people on the planet will always tell you they would never have swapped their difficulties in life, for these were the greatest teachers.

10. Silence

Make time for quiet space free of phones, children, partners, noise in general for ten minutes a day. This will increase your ability to listen to your self, which is so important when developing psychically.

11. De-tox

Addictions cause a loss of concentration. If you smoke, drink, or eat too much make a conscious effort to stop. Such habits will only slow your progress.

12. Humble acceptance

Accept the fact you have created your path. Past actions create your world the way it is today. It is not something that has been 'done' to you. Learn by your actions and the losses. Focus on the lessons, and learn what they have to say. You get more of what you focus on. If you focus on the negative you'll get more of it. The lesson (bricks) will continue to smack you in the mouth until you learn what it has to say. If you choose not to listen the lesson will last your lifetime. Ever wondered why people repeat the same mistakes?

13. Gratitude

Be grateful for what you do have.

14. Let your body talk

Most people have no idea what their bodies want. Yet upon reflection it was their body that said so and so 'wasn't right' or it 'felt wrong'. Listen and listen early. Doing so increases psychic ability ten fold. When you become good at listening to your body, you know immediately if the information you receive is correct information to pass on or a figment of your imagination.

To do this practice by listening more and more to your 'gut instinct'. It is like learning to drive a car; the more you practice the better at it you become.

15. Watching people

Similar to the fact God gave you two ears he also gave you two eyes. If you want to move anywhere near to understanding what people are about and how to tune into them, you have to know them. Watch people. When you are at a party, out shopping, in a pub, anywhere. Watch the dynamics between people. Pick up their energies; really begin to look to understand what they are about. This will also sharpen your other senses.

In a nutshell

The psychic journey is about a disciplined, ethical, and unselfish life full of wonder and simple enjoyment - life is a journey not a destination.

Bestselling author Heidi Sawyer, Director of The Heidi Sawyer Institute of Psychic Development. Heidi is an accomplished author and world-renowned course facilitator on the subject of Psychic Development, her website can be found at Take our free online psychic test to find out whether you have the gift...

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