Thursday, August 28, 2008

7 Types Of Dreams And Intrepretation That Will Make Dream Analyzing And Understanding Much Easier!

The meaning behind dreams is a pressing mystery that many of us are eager to solve, and rightly so, because we sense that our dreams hold the keys to solving a lot of the issues in our lives.

There are seven different types of dreams, understanding them can help you solve the mystery of dreams, so you can make the necessary adjustments in your life accordingly.

The Seven Different Types of Dreams

1. Normal Symbolic Dreams - These kinds of dream are generally a carry-over from our thoughts, and issues from our subconscious mind. You should pay careful attention to these dreams, they usually give you hints of issues and emotional problems that you might have and not even aware of them.

2. Normal Literal Dreams - As the name suggests - this is a dream that is usually clear, and to the point, and does not really rest on your mind when you wake up.

3. Mid Level Symbolic Dreams - These are highly symbolic dreams that are showing things that go beyond the dreamer's knowledge. Usually these dreams include premonitions or future event yet to happen.

4. Mid Level Literal Dreams - this is a dream that shows specifics about things and people rather than portraying them with symbols.

5. High Level Symbolic Dreams - "High level" as the name depicts, are usually a very high level dream which is mainly prophetic in nature. In this kind of dream your will see symbols that are telling of things to come, and often times, many years into the future.

6. High level Literal Dreams - This is a dream in which things are revealed which you previously had no knowledge of. These revelations are usually factual and in great details, and mostly pertains to specific current issues.

7. Night Vision - This is the most distinct kind of dream you'll ever have. A dream that is highly spiritual and feels so real, that even after waking up the effects of the dream is still evident. This kind of dream is very rare, not often do people experience it. It can be shown as a precise depiction or symbolism. Sometimes these dreams are frightening, and even nightmarish but very vivid...leaving the dreamer feeling like the events from their dream were really happening.

If we can learn to fully understand what our dreams mean, not only will we be warned of future and present dangers, we will also be able to solve our emotional problems and other issues in our life that we have no answer to.

By: Blaine Mark

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