Sunday, August 24, 2008

Binaural Beats And What You Can Expect

When people are thinking of using Binaural Beats to aid their meditation, usually they have little or no knowledge of the possible feelings they will experience whilst using Binaural Beats.

There are many symptoms of meditation, but with Binaural Beats you may experience them sooner rather than after months/years of practice. I am now going to try and pass you some valuable information.

Why is it valuable? Because without knowing what you may experience when using Binaural Beats, people may become worried, concerned. A few people have actually told me that they did not know what to expect and they totally freaked out. This is a shame because it can make you apprehensive next time and actually limit the effect you are trying to achieve.

Just as a brief overview you may experience some or even all of the following sensations:
1. Your body can feel so heavy that it feels like it cannot move, some people liken this to feeling like someone else is in control.
2. You may experience very vivid visualizations - usually in very bright colors. Sometimes these may appear as psychic faces.
3. If you are trying for Astral Projection, then you may experience your body vibrating, which is liable to freak you out if you are not expecting it.

There are, of course, many more sensations that can be expected but too many to cover in one post/article.

The main thing to remember is practicing meditation for relaxation cannot harm you. It is just a case of letting go of your built in defense system (which usually means if it feels strange then reject it). Go with the flow and you will be amazed at the relaxed state you find yourself in.

It is only when you are trying for something more advanced, such as Astral Projection or working on your psychic abilities that you would need to cover your back so to speak. In this case please read Why We Need Psychic Protection.

So keep checking back to see some more tips.

Happy meditating.

By: Lisa.C.Moore

I have been interested in the Spirit side of things since a very young age. Visit my website for more interesting information.

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