Thursday, August 28, 2008

Binaural Beats - Explaining What They Are

Binaural Beats are basically an aid to meditation. They help you reach an altered state of consciousness quicker than the ‘normal’ routes.

They work by altering your brainwaves to the desired frequency by the use of external tones.

A very brief overview of how they work is:

If you make a tone of 100.00 hz into the left ear


if you make a tone of 107.00 hz into the right ear

your brain makes a natural tone of the difference = 7.0 hz

7.0 hz is the tone on the border of Alpha (light relaxation) and Theta (deep relaxation, hypnosis, dreams)

Rather than training the mind to reach these states through training and meditation alone, Binaural Beats quickens the process through outside tones.

You would normally listen to Binaural Beats through headphones (the ones that totally cover your ears are the best as opposed to ear buds). Although technology is moving on and some producers now claim to have effective Binaural Beats that you listen to through your PC without the need for headphones. Personally I have not tried these so cannot comment. This is personal choice. I prefer to meditate laying down as relaxed as possible.

As I said at the beginning this is a very brief overview of what Binaural Beats are and how they work. I will be posting more information on my site about Binuaral Beats and my experiences with different kinds so keep watching.

Happy beats.

By: Lisa.C.Moore

I have always been interested in the Spiritual side of things since a very young age. Visit my website for more interesting articles.

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