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Birth of Lord Krishna

Author: Prasad Cheruvannur

Birth of lord Krishna happened with significant and divine incidents. The incidents related Krishna’s birth actually starts from the marriage of his mother. From that day onwards people were expecting a miracle boy’s birth that will save them.

Marriage of Devaki:

Devaki was the sister of a cruel king called Kamsa or kansa in hindi. He arranged her marriage with vasudevar. But as the marriage possession was going, they heard an anonymous prophecy voice from the sky telling that “Hey kamsa your sister’s 8th son will kill you". An angry kamsa immediately imprisoned Vasudevar and devaki. In the imprisonment devaki has given birth of 6 boys whom kamsaon has killed immediately. He has done this since he does not want any brothers to protect the 8th child who is supposed to be his killer.The 7th one was balarama who was saved by moving the boy to another women's womb by divinly.


As Devaki become pregnant for 8th time kamsa become more vigilant. He arranged special guards for the prison. However on the midnight of the 8th day after the full moon of sravana month of hindu calendar, Lord Krishna was born. But on this time all the guards who is suppose to be awake was slept because of divine effect. And Outside there was heavy rain and thunderstorm, so that the people were afraid to come out of their house.

After the birth of lord Krishna, Vasudevar was advised by divine voice to take the kid to the house of nandagopar and exchange the kid with the baby girl who was also born at the same to the nandagopar’s wife yesoda. The doors of the prison were opened in front of him in miracle.

When the vasudevar came out of the prison with the kid the huge snake known as ananthan appeared with his hood flattened so that the kid and vasudevar will be protected from the heavy rain going on outside. Ananthan followed them up to the gokulam and back with his hood flattened like an umberla and protecting them from rain. In the house of nandgopar everybody was asleep due to the divine power. Vasudevar exchanged the baby as per the instruction he got through divine voice and came back to the prison with the girl child. Once he was reached back the doors of prison was closed back and the guards got up awake from their sleep.

When Kamsa was informed about the birth of the 8th child he came to kill the child. He was astonished since it was a girl child and not the boy child as per the anonymous voice he heard on his sister’s wedding. However He tried to kill the child immediately by holding the leg of the infant girl and hitting it on the big stone he specially made to kill his sister’s kids. But the infant slipped from his hand and told him “Hey kamsa the kid who supposed to kill you is already in a safe place. But the sin you acquired by trying to kill an innocent infant girl will always follow you and surely you will be punished for this sinful act. By this the girl disappeared into the sky. The girl turned out to be the goddess who was born in earth to help lord mahavishnu to take the form of Lord Krishna.


The above incidents happened on the night of Krishna’s birth clearly tell us Lord Krishna was not an ordinary man. People celebrate his birthday on 8th day after the full moon in sravana month. The star of that day is supposed to be rohini, so people call this day as astami-rohini (ashtami means 8th day after the moon) or janmashtami (birthday on 8th day after full moon).

Celebrations in India:

In India people celebrate the janmashtami in a great way. All temples will do special prayer for Krishna, Krishna songs will he sung in all temples, special speech will be conducted about Krishna and his life. The orrganizations will be conducting the janmashtami shobayatra where the little boys will be dressed like Krishna and little girls will be dressed like gopikas (the female friends of Krishna on his child hood) will participate.

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