Saturday, August 9, 2008

Channeling on What is the Purpose of Being Human

By Sally Baldwin

All of you have notions, preconceived or not, of what it is to be human. You have defined yourselves with these notions and with this sense of self. This is what must be eradicated if there is to be a completeness in your recognition of who you are as the grand and wondrous souls that you are.

What better place to experience that than one that gives you limitations? The earth plane is this opportunity to take yourselves out of that need to constantly be so astutely connected to All That Is and say, "I am going to feel the importance of what existence in the physical is about. I'm going to take on such a sense of being that I will not recognize myself at all. I will find myself in masquerade, somewhat camouflaged."

That is of course what is encountered in the physical plane. Yet you immediately translate that into burden - this is a struggle. Why are we here? Instead take yourself to that wondrous place that has brought you there, that sense of wanting to be a part of something that is so full, so rich, and so definite, and yet it is not what other existences bring to you in that way of experience. It gives you a dimensional feel that is not open to you elsewhere.

So you find yourself so enthralled to be coming. You find yourself ecstatic upon arriving. Then you go about the business of hating it. You call it struggle. You say, it is difficult. It is not like you want to exist. It is not what we are feeling we are called to.

You hold the key to the shift, friends. You bring yourself into this realm of experience because you know it is a most astute one. It is one that can offer an opportunity, to not only the souls that incarnate but to many other souls who are participating in those incarnations. Your focus must now lie in realizing it is not about you as the individual you perceive yourself to be. It is about the Essence of Energy you channel here. Where and what and who that energy is all about goes so far beyond your bounds of understanding that we could not even give you a sense here.

This is why it feels so joyous and exhilarating when you come and when you leave. It is something that you must now carry over into the existence itself. All of you are now ready for this. All of you are capable of this. Now go forward knowing that and allowing it to take place in your lives.

Sally Baldwin is a gifted channel with the ability to enlighten people about the nature of their souls. The manner of her spiritual guidance is loving, exciting, supportive and full of humor. He unique and spiritual perspective on death, dying and bereavement brings serenity and love to those who need it. She heads the Dying to Live Again Foundation, a non-profit organization. For further information check her website at

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