Saturday, August 9, 2008

Chinese Astrology Today - Ox, the Hard Worker

By Ewyen Minh

The Ox is one of the most powerful Chinese signs. As with all signs, Oxens have certain characteristics that define them. The Ox is a North-East oriented animal with a Yin (female) nature. It symbolizes wealth and prosperity while its western zodiac equivalent is the Capricorn. It's favorable gem stone is the Aquamarine.

Ox people are very active during Winter, especially during January which is their associated month. Throughout the day, they rule from 1am until 3am. They like green, yellow, black and brown colors and they love to eat all kinds of well cooked food. There is a Chinese legend claiming that the Ox helped the Rat rank first among the twelve Chinese signs. The Ox is strongly related with planet Saturn.

Ox people are masters in setting goals. They like to approach everything in a step-by-step manner. They are so hard working, careful and stubborn that it is highly unlikely they will miss any big chances in their lives. No matter what happens, they never lose sight of their goals.

Ox people love nature and they are very sensitive about environmental issues. They are very straight forward and reliable and they will do everything to prove this. They are very good advisors because of their honesty and compassion. They are very patient and have a balanced character. Their biggest disappointment would be to find that others do not understand them.

People under this major Chinese sign like to hang around with their family and relatives. They like to know they have a place of their own where they can relax and meditate. Although they attract money like magnets, they don't need riches to feel happy. What they like is to spend money to make others happy, especially family members. They like to surprise others with little gifts.

Ox people are shy and not very sociable. They usually find it difficult to connect with others. Once you get to know them though,

you will see that they are born for solid and long lasting relationships. You can find many Ox people in Asia, North Europe and South America. They usually look for their soul mates during winter, especially during January which is their favorable month. The Ox matches perfectly with the Rat, the Monkey and the Rooster.

Ox people like to depend on themselves and tend to reject advice from others. When you talk to them be careful not to insult them because they are very unforgiving. Think twice before you double cross an Ox.

Let's see how the Ox behaves in the following fields:
Work issues: A born master
Love issues: Very strong
social issues: Requires improvement
Spiritual issues: Very strong
Body issues: Requires improvement

A few positive keywords to describe the Ox:
Dependable, Powerful, Patient, Tireless, Extravagant, Logic, Systematic, Imagination, Honesty, Sociable

A few negative keywords to describe the Ox:
Uncompetitive, Inflexible, Possessive, Stubborn, Eccentric, Critical, Intolerant

Ox Compatibility with other Chinese signs:
(1 least compatible - 10 most compatible)

With a Rat: 9
With a Monkey: 9
With a Rooster: 9
With an Ox: 8
With a Snake: 8
With a Pig: 7
With a Dog: 6
With a Tiger: 5
With a Rabbit: 5
With a Horse: 4
With a Dragon: 3
With a Sheep: 2

E.Minh is a Chinese astrologer with over 20 years of experience in Chinese astrology and the lunar calendar. For more information about the Twelve Chinese Horoscope Signs visit my free website about Chinese astrology and discover a way to communicate with your inner self and the Universe. You can also download my free e-book "Creating the Ultimate Chinese Horoscope Protection Shield".

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