Thursday, August 7, 2008

Chinese Astrology Today - Snake, the Wise

By Ewyen Minh

The Snake is one of the smartest and most wise Chinese signs. As with all signs, Snakes have certain characteristics that define them. The Snake is a South, South-East oriented animal with a Yin (female) nature. It symbolizes wisdom and anything divine while its western zodiac equivalent is the Taurus. It's associated gem stone is the Opal which is a mystical, well respected and valuable stone. The Snake is strongly associated with planet Venus.

Snake people are very active during Spring, especially during May which is their favorable month. Throughout the day, they rule from 9am until 11am. They like green, gold and brown colors and they love to eat well cooked meat. You can find a lot of Snake people in Africa and Western Asia.

Snake people are very charming and seductive and they feel proud for it. Other people feel attracted by the snake's mysterious and enigmatic style and behavior. On the other hand Snakes can lie easily and often exaggerate. Snake people are very affected by weather changes. They even like talking about weather!

Well known for their ability to move quickly and firmly, they have developed a sixth sense which makes them rely on their instincts and feelings. They like to follow their hearts, not their minds and they expect others to do the same.

The Snake always thinks deeply before acting. That is why it is considered a wise Chinese sign capable of solving even the most complex of problems. Snake people love secure environments. They want to feel accepted and approved by their circle of friends and family. Snake matches perfectly with the Horse, the Ox and the Rooster.

Let's see how the Snake behaves in the following fields:
Work issues: Very strong
Love issues: Requires improvement
social issues: Very strong
Spiritual issues: A born master
Body issues: Very strong

A few positive keywords to describe the Snake:
Wise, Interesting, Innovative, New, Patience, Helpful, Speed, Philosophical, Discreet, Diplomatic

A few negative keywords to describe the Snake:
Prideful, Judgmental, Conviction, Poison, Betray, Vanity, Fickle, Doubtful

Snake compatibility with other animals:
(1 least compatible - 10 most compatible)

With a Rooster: 10
With an Ox: 8
With a Horse: 8
With a Dog: 8
With a Dragon: 7
With a Sheep: 7
With a Rabbit: 6
With a Monkey: 5
With a Snake: 5
With a Rat: 4
With a Tiger: 4
With a Pig: 3

E.Minh is a Chinese astrologer with over 20 years of experience in Chinese astrology and the lunar calendar. For more information about the Twelve Chinese Horoscope Signs visit my free website about Chinese astrology and discover a way to communicate with your inner self and the Universe. You can also download my free e-book "Creating the Ultimate Chinese Horoscope Protection Shield".

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